iGOS4M - Global Observation System for Mercury Isotopes

An online database for mercury stable isotope observations in support of the Minamata Convention on mercury.

iGOS4M is the mercury isotope chapter of GOS4M (Global Observation System for Mercury), which is aimed to support the MC Secretariat, the UN Environment and all Nations in the implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury and the activity related to the Effectiveness Evaluation and Global Monitoring framework.

iGOS4M is an international effort with multiple objectives:

  1. Organize peer-reviewed mercury isotope data into a single online open access database.

  2. Share mercury isotope concepts, sampling and measurement protocols, and tutorials.

  3. Promote mercury isotope signatures as essential variables of the GOS4M monitoring efforts.

  4. Enable the design and production of mercury isotope applications in support of policy implementation.

Preliminary database link

How to submit your data & corrections

Presentations of mercury isotope analysis

Sample preparation protocols

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