Ignite! School Counseling

Welcome to School Counseling at Ignite! Online Academy

School counselors work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students. As vital members of the school leadership team, school counselors create a school culture of success for all. School counselors help all students:

  • apply academic achievement strategies

  • manage emotions and apply interpersonal skills

  • plan for postsecondary options (higher education, military, work force)

Duties include providing:

  • individual student academic planning and goal setting

  • school counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards

  • short-term counseling to students

  • referrals for long-term support

  • collaboration with families/teachers/ administrators/ community for student success

  • advocacy for students at individual education plan meetings and other student-focused meetings

  • data analysis to identify student issues, needs and challenges

  • acting as a systems change agent to improve equity and access, achievement and opportunities for all students

From the American School Counselor Association