23 May 2023

23. May 2023: a one-day workshop on sampling, analysis and speciation of trace metals (TM) and natural organic matter (NOM) in a highly stratified estuary (topics will be adapted to participants' research profiles):

  • Brief theoretical background

  • Profiling of phyisco-chemical parameters (CTD probe)

  • TM and NOM clean sampling in a highly stratified estuary sample (pre)treatment in the laboratory

  • TM analysis and speciation by voltammetric techniques: theory and practical work on automated system

  • Analysis and characterisation of dissolved organic matter (DOC, CDOM, FDOM, PARAFAC analysis)

  • Sediment sampling, slicing and pore water extraction under nitrogen atmosphere

  • Passive sampling and speciation using DGT

  • Modelling of TM speciation

Fee for the workshop is 30 EUR (coffee/lunch/drinks included)

Due to limited space in the Marine Station, the workshop is limited to ~20 participants. PhD students have an advantage.

Express your interest using registration form and/or by sending an email to

Theoretical background

Vertical profiling with CTD probe


On-board syringe filtration

Laboratory filtration

DGT deployment

DGT preparation

Intro to experimental work

Sediment slicing

Automation of TM speciation

CDOM/FDOM analysis

DOC analysis