Invited Speakers

Dr. Hélène Budzinski

University of Bordeaux

Expertise in environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, analytical chemistry, particularly related to organic contaminants, head of the L'équipe Physico et Toxico Chimie de l'environnement.

Dr. Vanessa Hatje

UFBA, Federal University of Bahia

Vanessa Hatje’s research focuses on the biogeochemical cycling of trace metals and carbon and how both natural and anthropogenic processes influence these elements. Her research group develops new analytical techniques to detect trace metals, including rare earth elements and organic contaminants in marine matrices.

Dr. Martine Leermakers

VUB, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Her research interests include the development of analytical techniques for trace metals, organometals, metalloids and radionuclides as well as the study of the geochemical cycling of these elements in environmental compartments. In the last years she has been working on the development of passive sampling techniques for in situ trace metal speciation DGT (diffusive gradients in thin films) and DET (diffusive equilibrium in thin films), applying these techniques in both pristine (open ocean) as well as heavily contaminated sites such as mining sites.

Dr. Chiara Santinelli

CNR, Institute of Biophysics, Operating Unit of Pisa

Research interests focus on dissolved organic matter (DOM) dynamics in both coastal areas and open sea waters, with particular regards to the role of DOM in the global carbon cycle and in carbon export and sequestration in deep waters.