Cool Pinellas Team

Carol Mickett & Bob Stackhouse in Cool Pinellas tshirts

Project Visionaries

Carol Mickett & Robert Stackhouse

Mickett and Stackhouse are an internationally renowned collaborative art team with a passion for making art about water and climate change. The Ice Cube Project is their way of engaging themselves and others into creatively thinking about ways to mitigate the warming of our waters. Like sand through the hourglass, our days are running out. Be the change!

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Project Manager | Tarpon Springs

Jacqui Turner

Jacqui Turner is a Florida native and has called the Tampa Bay region home for more than 20 years. She and her partner Curt live on Tarpon Bayou and enjoy our beautiful waterways. Jacqui is active in several community groups and is honored to represent Tarpon Springs in the Ice Cube Project - Cool Pinellas.

Project Manager | St. Petersburg

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson is perfect to be a Cool Pinellas manager since she combines art, education, and environmental awareness. She has a 30-year history as an educator in Montreal, Tampa, and St. Petersburg. She is also a printer. She uses a mix of antique presses and hand cut linoleum to create original designs. She's influenced by a passion for interior design, leading her to print linens and other housewares. Her interest in our waters has led her to be a Tampa Bay Watch volunteer.

Project Manager | Dunedin

Bryan Voliton

Bryan Voliton is an artist, graphic designer, and is now centered in his Tuning in Now/The Tuning in Practice. He offers hands-on tools for people to develop a mind/body connection while organically crafting a community of like-minded individuals and organizations. He is happy to be part of this "Cool" community.

Online Support Volunteer

Todd Germann

Todd lives in St Pete with his partner Terry and enjoys supporting local causes and projects. Todd is proud to be part of the Ice Cube Project and Cool Pinellas events.