“About canonical, non-canonical, and immunogenic cell death:

basic mechanisms and translational applications"

May 31 - June 2, 2018

Seoul National University, South Korea

Organizers: Marc Diederich, Richard Lockshin, Zahra Zakeri

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Selected program topics

  • Epigenetic regulation of cell death mechanisms
  • Metabolic modulation leading to cell stress and cell death
  • Necroptotic cell death mechanisms
  • Necroptosis in development and inflammation
  • Interplay of inflammation and cell death pathways
  • Interplay of ER stress, apoptosis, controlled necrosis, autophagy
  • Cell death and immune cell survival
  • Targeted agents and immunotherapies
  • Immunogenic cell death in health and disease
  • Cell death induction by combinatorial treatments in cancer
  • Advanced Bcl-2 family inhibitors