1) If you missed our January and February Skyline IB Information Nights, please review the purple Information Night slideshow linked below on this page for an overview of our IB Program and guidance on ninth grade course selection.

2) If you want to enroll in Skyline IB, complete the following:

A. If you live outside of Skyline's boundaries, complete the Out of Boundaries Application ASAP: . We have passed our open-enrollment deadline, so students will be admitted to Skyline on a first-come-first-served basis as space allows. If you haven't attended Granite School District in the past, you will also need to register with the district.

B. Once you have received notice of your admission to Skyline, please review your admissions email/letter for instructions on how to register for Skyline courses online via the Skyline Counseling Center webpage. Our counseling staff has done their best to anticipate all your questions by including lots of helpful links on their website, including video descriptions of all courses that are available when you click on a course title. Do your best to register on your own as soon as possible! Remember to use the PowerPoint posted below (specifically slide 18) for guidance on which pre-IB courses you should register for as an incoming freshman.

If you have additional questions about course registration, please email one of our IB counselors:

Angela Wheeler:

Julie Ann White:

C. To enroll in Skyline's IB Program, please click on the Prospective Students tab above and complete our online IB Application. The application also asks you to email us your most recent report card and a personal essay on why would would like to pursue the IB Diploma. Send those two documents to one of our IB Co-Coordinators:

Kirsten Rector:

Jill Thackeray:

After we've received your application, email, and accompanying documents, we'll respond to you and let you know you're good to go. Thanks for your interest in Skyline IB!

2021 SHS IB Information Meeting

International Baccalaureate Information

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an internationally recognized, highly acclaimed, college preparatory program. It teaches students to be knowledgeable, well-rounded, caring, critical thinkers, balanced, and reflective. Whether a student decides to stay in-state or attend an out-of-state college, the IB program will nurture the skills necessary to be successful at a four-year college.

If you are a hard-working, self-motivated 8th or 9th-grade student interested in a well-rounded, rigorous college preparation education, the IB program may be a good match for you. Students can expect to work hard and have challenging academic schedules throughout high school, yet most students are highly involved in outside extra-curricular activities and still have plenty of time for an active, meaningful social life. Most IB students say the best thing about the IB program was the friends they made in the program.

Colleges value Skyline IB students because they demonstrate qualities of critical thinking, problem solving and reflection and are very prepared to handle the course rigor at top universities around the country and world. Skyline IB students have been admitted to a variety of in-state and out-of-state schools such as Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Brown, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Puget Sound, BYU, University of Utah, University California Berkeley, etc. Furthermore, nearly all students who have applied to the University of Utah have received substantial merit-based scholarships. The University of Utah award students who have earned an IB Diploma 30 university credits in addition to qualifying AP credits which they may have earned throughout high school.

Skyline IB Stats:

The Class of 2020 earned 35 IB Diplomas, giving us an 85% Diploma pass rate in spite of the challenges of Covid. Great work, 2020s!

Skyline IB currently has approximately 400 active students in grades 9-12.

IB Diploma Seniors, Class of 2021: 57 students

IB Diploma Juniors, Class of 2022: 83 students

Pre-IB Sophomores, Class of 2023: 129 students

Pre-IB Freshmen, Class of 2024: 111 students

Freshmen (2024)

Complete monthly IB Canvas modules to orient students to IB as well as work on social-emotional skills.

Your IB Co-Coordinator is Ms. Rector, and your IB Counselor is Ms. Wheeler.

Sophomores (2023)

Complete monthly IB Canvas modules to continue IB Orientation as well as preview and plan next year's scheduling options.

Your IB Co-Coordinator is Ms. Thackeray, and your IB Counselor is Ms. White.

Juniors (2022)

Complete monthly IB Canvas modules to progress with CAS requirements and register for May 2021 IB Exams. What will be your SL and HL exams?

Ms. Thackeray is your IB Co-Coordinator, and Ms. Rector is your CAS Coordinator. Your IB Counselor is Ms. White.

Seniors (2020)

Complete monthly IB Canvas modules to complete CAS requirements and register for May 2021 IB Exams. Check Graduation Requirements with Ms. White.

CAS Project, Final Reflective Essay and CAS Experience Documentation are due by April 15th. Ms. Rector is your IB Co-Coordinator and CAS Coordinator.