Husker Football PC - 78% Complete

I've been attempting to collect one autographed card of every Husker that played in the NFL. I started this collection around 2007 and it's been quite a journey so far. I started with only players that had an actual licensed football card made of them, and now that that list is mostly completed, I track all players, regardless of trading card status.

I guarantee you will see some Husker cards that you've never seen before, as I've taken some of the autographs I've acquired and turned them into regular cards (cuts and signed customs). Check out the images below!

Below you'll find a text listing of each card in my PC along with a photo gallery below. Clicking on any image will open a new window to my Google Drive folder where you can view the high res scan.

Pro Tip: Press Ctrl-F in your browser and then type in the card name you're looking for to jump straight to it. For example: "Tom Osborne"

2009 and Older

2010 and Newer