Friends of Interest

Throughout my collecting pursuit, I have run into some amazing people, whether their joy comes from collecting or telling their story, I want to point them out here. Click/tap on their images to check out their pages below!

I've visited dozens of local card shops throughout the years and Capital City Sports Cards stands out as a place that asks you to pull up a chair and stay a while. Boxes of cards line the wall, waiting to be explored, with loads of game-used Husker memorabilia telling their own stories.

What you'll find as a visitor is that it isn't necessarily the "hits" that will keep you coming back, it's the atmosphere and the camaraderie of coming together over the joy of collecting.

Ricky Simmons was a dynamic part of The Scoring Explosion in the 80s and his redemption story is a testament to God's grace and ability to change lives for His glory. Ricky is an incredible force for good and positivity and shines a light in our dark world.

Wes wasn't where my collecting started, but he was a big part of keeping the fire going through my youth. I bought 5 or 6 Jermaine Dye cards of his every visit until he ran out, and then he would give me any new Dye cards he got after that when I returned. His shop has hobby boxes from floor to ceiling and Nebraska cards galore, always ready to help collectors new and old.

Todd has outstanding Game-Used Nebraska gear and his shop has some very unique pieces.

J.C. has an incredible passion for Game-Used Husker gear and now has the store to showcase it. His museum is not to be missed!

Tanner makes some of the coolest custom cards you'll ever see, and he once built one of the most epic super collections ever. You'll need more than a coffee break to dig into his stories and pictures, and it's well worth your time!