Friends of Interest

Throughout my collecting pursuit, I have run into some amazing people, whether their joy comes from collecting or telling their story, I want to point them out here. Click on their images to check out their pages below!

Ricky Simmons was a dynamic part of The Scoring Explosion in the 80s and his redemption story is a testament to God's grace and ability to change lives for His glory. Ricky is an incredible force for good and positivity and shines a light in our dark world.

Wes wasn't where my collecting started, but he was a big part of keeping the fire going through my youth. I bought 5 or 6 Jermaine Dye cards of his every visit until he ran out, and then he would give me any new Dye cards he got after that when I returned. He still runs the same modest shop loaded with Nebraska cards and hobby boxes of all kinds, always ready to help collectors new and old.

Todd has outstanding Game-Used Nebraska gear and his shop has some very unique pieces

J.C. has an incredible passion for Game-Used Husker gear and now has the store to showcase it

Tanner makes some of the coolest custom cards you'll ever see, and he's a die-hard Jose Canseco collector. You'll need more than a coffee break to dig into his stories and pictures, and it's well worth your time!