3D Imaging-analysis | Polymer-inorganic composite

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AN LAB builds a multidisciplinary research program to establish the scientific base for advanced organic-inorganic composite materials with a deep understanding of the fundamental synthesis-morphology-property relationship. Composite materials couple two or more components (e.g., polymers, ceramics, metals) to obtain functions that exceed the sum of the properties of the components. Rational design of composite materials at the nanoscale has been an emergent direction of efforts where the interaction, morphology, and processing of the components need to be considered synergistically. Such aspects are highly intertwined, whose quantification and visualization at the nanometer level have been met by many challenges, and thus the current efforts are mostly trial-and-error.

In this context, our lab will bridge the gap in developing tailorable- and predictable-design for advanced composite materials at the nanoscale and develop multifunctional polymeric and composite materials to address scientific questions in energy and environment engineering.

Join us! We have openings for undergrads, masters, and postdocs. Interested candidates who with backgrounds in polymers, composites, electrochemisty, or machine-learning and more can send your CV to Prof. An at hyosungan[at]jnu[dot]ac[dot]kr

EST. 2021