Hyoju Kim [çjoʤu kim] 

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences

The University of Iowa

G60 Psychological and Brain Sciences Building

Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1407




Research Interests

Phonetics, Laboratory Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Spoken-word Recognition

My research uses experimental techniques from phonetics and psycholinguistics to investigate how listeners process and integrate acoustic cues in their native language (L1) and second/foreign language (L2). In particular, I have been probing into the mechanisms underlying how and to what extent the lexical encoding of phonetic cues in the L1 affects speech perception and spoken word recognition in the L2. The scope of my research also extends to speech production, the linkage between speech perception and production, and perception-based loanword adaptation. You can find more details about my research interests in the "Research Focus" tab.

Academic Positions

08/2023 - Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, The University of Iowa


08/2018 - 05/2023 Ph.D., Linguistics, The University of Kansas

08/2018 - 06/2020 M.A., Linguistics, The University of Kansas      

09/2017 - 06/2018 Ph.D. student, Linguistics, Seoul National University

09/2014 - 02/2017 M.A., Linguistics, Seoul National University

03/2008 - 02/2014 B.A., English Education, Hongik University

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