Research in Progress

Climate Risks, Readiness, and Municipal Bonds of U.S. Cities

Climate Impacts and Adaptation of U.S. Firms, with Geoff Heal and Jeff Shrader

Climate Finance and Sustainable Investment - Effectiveness of Corporate Green Bonds, with Caroline Flammer

SDG-Aligned Business and Finance: SDG-Linked Sovereign Bonds, with Lisa Sachs

Previous Papers & Projects

The Impact of COVID-19 on ESG Performance, part of MA Thesis, advised by Jeff Shrader

Institutional Investors, ESGs, and the SDGs, with Brooke Guven

Enabling Climate Adaptation to Coastal Flooding: Evidence from New York City, with Malgosia Madejewicz

Building Community Resilience to Climate Change in Mining Sector, with Perrine Toledano and Martin Brauch