Hwayeong Jeong

Postdoctoral researcher @ RRL, EPFL

Greetings! I am a researcher in the field of soft robotics.

I have an interest in various aspects of soft robotics, such as design, fabrication, modeling, and control.
During my Master's degree, my research revolved around creating a bio-inspired variable stiffness soft actuator. I proposed this thesis subject due to the necessity of variable stiffness capabilities in soft robots to enable them to adapt to diverse situations.
My exposure to the field of soft robotics for a few years piqued my interest in soft robot controllers owing to their versatility. As a result, I am presently focusing on developing a soft controller circuit that can be integrated into the soft robot's body, thereby rendering it multi-functional. My aspiration is to continue my work toward the development of a unique, multi-functional soft robot and its application in various fields.

Curriculum Vitae 


Research Interest

Soft robotics

Variable stiffness soft actuator

Sensor integrated actuator for soft robot

Fluidic circuit for soft robot control

Capacitive and optical soft sensors

Bio-signal sensors

Surface Electromyography(sEMG) sensor