Packages and projects that might be useful


Collection of packages for many-camera array management, calibration, and localization. Also contains some visual odometry software that will probably be migrated out later.

[AFLv3] [github]


Various tools for geometry, parameter loading, and visualization used in many of my other packages.

[AFLv3] [github]


Collection of packages for machine learning, optimization, and some deprecated packages for reinforcement learning.

[AFLv3] [github]


ROS-integrated state estimator for mobile robots. Uses a buffered observation architecture to exactly support out-of-order or delayed information. Also uses a manifold Kalman filter to track SE2 and SE3 poses with a separate linear Kalman filter to track a settable number of higher derivatives (velocity, acceleration, etc.).

[AFLv3] [github]


A simple keyframe-based extensible laser odometry package for ROS-integrated systems. Works with 2D as well as 3D point clouds, and can interface with the infitu parameter tuning package.

[AFLv3] [github]


Encoding and decoding of video fiducial streams for data transport. Can be used to support very large amounts of unique fiducials.

[AFLv3] [github]


A binary angle measurement implementation. Use the python generator script to configure your desired bit widths, resolution etc.

[MIT] [github]