Visions of ‘Humanity’ and ‘Letters’:

Chinese Culture and the Two Tides of Western Learning,

from the Late Ming to Early Modern Times


Rome September 2th-3rd, 2019


    • Conference dates: September 2nd-3rd, 2019
    • Conference venue: Sapienza University of Rome, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Odeion Lecture room, Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185, Rome
    • Organizing Institutes: Department of Oriental Studies of Sapienza University of Rome; the “Center for Digital Humanities, College of Liberal Arts” and the International Excellence Program on “The Tradition of East Asia Culture and its Modern Transformation” of the Institute of Literature of National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan; the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Academia Sinica, Taiwan; the Xue-heng Institute for Advanced Studies, Nanjing University, and the Research Center of Asian and Western Science and Technology of Kansai University
    • Conference languages: English and Chinese

Conference program / 會議日程

September 2nd, 2019

Humanity 「人」

09.15-09.45: Greetings from the Rector of Sapienza University of Rome, Prof. Eugenio Gaudio, the Director of the Department of Oriental Studies, Prof. Alessandra Brezzi and the Conference organizers / 开幕致辞

09.45-10.45: Keynote speech / 專題演講: Elman Benjamin: “Traduttore, traditore: The Jesuits and the Translation/Construction of Early Modern Science in China via European Humanism, 1600-1800”

10.45-11.00: Q&A / 提問與討論

11.00-11.20: coffee break 茶歇

PANEL 1 [人]: Visions of humanity: the 17th century / “何以為人”的闡釋:17世紀

Chair/ 主持人: Li Sher-shiueh 李奭學

11.20-11.40: Meynard Thierry, “Anatomy and the workings of the five senses: Giulius Aleni’s Xingxue cushu (1646)

11.40-12.00: Song Liming宋黎明, “利瑪竇其 ‘人’及其 ‘文’ 一一兼議中西文化交流中的誤導與誤解” (Matteo Ricci: the man and his writings. On some misunderstandings and misconceptions in Sino-Western cultural exchanges)

12.00-12.20: Falato Giulia: “Parents, children, mutual duties and relations: a European way of governing the family by Alfonso Vagnone S.J (1568-1640)”

12.20-12.40: Antonucci Davor: “Envisioning the Other: Foreign Populations in Some Jesuits’ Geographical Accounts”

12.40-13.10: Q&A / 總結與提問

13.10-14.00 Lunch / 午餐会

PANEL 2 [人]: Visions of humanity: the 19th century / “何以為人”的闡釋:19世紀

Chair / 主持人: De Troia Paolo

14.00-14.20: Casalin Federica, “Blending Western and Confucian Views on Human Nature: Mencius’ Thought in the Periodical Dongxiyang kao meiyue tongjizhuan (1833-1839)”

14.20-14.40: Gatta Timon, “Early Translations of Western Philosophy in China: Some Reflections on Human Nature, Gnoseology, Ethics”

14.40-15.00: Chiu, Wei-Yun 邱伟云, “數字人文視野下中國近代「人」觀的建構與再現” (The Construction and Occurence of the Early modern Chinese Vision of ren from the Perspective of Digital Humanities)

15.00-15.20: Q&A /總結與提問

PANEL 3 [人]: New Subjectivities at the Turn of the 19th Century/


Chair / 主持人: Cheng Wen-Huei 鄭文惠

15.20-15.40: Chen Jianhua 陳建華, “肖像的展示政治與視覺複製技術的東漸——以維多利亞女皇與慈禧太后為例” (Display Politics of Portraits and Visual Technology in Late-Qing China: In Cases of Queen Victoria and Empress Dowager Cixi)

15.40-16.00: Liu, Yuan-ju 劉苑如, “衛生:葉德輝中西醫論述及其輯刻書” (Health-preservation: Ancient Texts Collected by Ye Dehui and His Discourse on Eastern and Western Medicine)

16.00-16.20: Li Lifeng 李里峰, “曖昧的主體:近代中國的 ‘群眾’ 論述” (Ambiguous subject: the “masses” [qunzhong] Discourse in Modern China)

16.20-16.40: Q&A / 總結與提問

16.40-17.00: coffee break / 茶歇

PANEL 4 [人]: The human being as a social being in the Late Qing / 晚清时期的“人”与“社会”

Chair / 主持人: Masini Federico

17.00-17.20: Shen Guowei 沈國威, “Evolution 如何譯為 ‘天演’?” (Why was ‘Evolution’ translated as ‘Tianyan’?)

17.20-17.40: Lü Xiaobo 閭小波:“ 從 ‘互鑒’ 到 ‘序進’:西力東漸時期中國人的世局觀” (From "Mutual learning" to "Gradualness": Chinese View of the World when China met the West)

17:40-18.00: Zhang Qing 章 清, “‘社會’ 的虛與實——略論晚清中國概念浮現的意義” (“Society” between Absence and Presence: a Case Study on the Emergence of Modern Concepts in Late Qing China)

18.00-18.20: Li Gongzhong 李恭忠, 從‘Society’到‘社會’: 一個基本概念在近代中國的跨文化傳播 (From ‘Society’ to ‘Shehui’: The Cross-Cultural Dissemination of a Basic Concept in Modern China)

18.20-18.40: Q&A / 總結與提問

September 3rd, 2019

Letters 「文」

PANEL 5: Western and Chinese Practises of wen: Early Encounters /


Chair / 主持人: Song Liming 宋黎明

09.20-09.40: Li, Sher-shiueh 李奭學, “European Jesuits and Western Rhetoric in Ming-Qing China”

09.40-10.00: De Troia Paolo, “The Vision of Letters in some Jesuit texts in 16th century China: Jesuit translations and transcultural exchanges”

10.00-10.20: Chen, Hui-Hung 陳慧宏, “三位葡萄牙耶穌會士與中國的天主聖母: 一個連繫中國、澳門與日本的文化交流” (Three Portuguese Jesuits and the Chinese Madonna: A Cultural Encounter among China, Macao and Japan)

10.20-10.40: Pan, Feng-Chuan 潘鳳娟, “Qi shi hao huan 其事好還: The ‘Eye-for-an-Eye’ Dispute between S. Julien and G. Pauthier”

10.40-11.10: Q&A / 總結與提問

11.10-11.30: coffee break / 茶歇

PANEL 6: Perspectives from Digital Humanities and Early Mass-Media / “數字人文”帶來的新視角

Chair / 主持人: Shen Guowei 沈國威

11.30-11.50: Cheng, Wen-Huei 鄭文惠、Chiu, Wei-Yun邱偉云, “觀念史∕概念史與巨觀考古學:中國近代「文」觀的建構與再現” (History of ideas/History of concepts and archaeology of knowledge in big data: constructing and reshaping the concept of wen in early modern China”)

11.50-12.10: Yue, Ching-Syang 余清祥, “《新青年》文言與白話變遷的數位人文研究” (A Quantitative Study of Changes from Classical Chinese to Modern Chinese based on New Youth Magazine)

12.10-12.30: Vinci Renata, “The Making of the Modern Chinese Reader: Foreign Fiction in the Shanghai Newspaper Shenbao

12.30-13.00: Q&A / 總結與提問

13.00-14.20 Lunch / 午餐会

PANEL 7: Building Cultural and National Identities: the Power of Language /


Chair / 主持人: Zhang Qing 章 清

14.20-14.40: Uchida Keiichi 内田慶市, “《拜客訓示》及其他” (Baike xunshi and more)

14.40-15.00: Masini Federico, “The discovery of some Italian historical heroes by Liang Qichao at the eve the One Hundred Years Reform of 1898”

15.00-15.20: Yang, Jui-Sung 楊瑞松, “以「祖國」之名:近代東亞的「祖國」意識與情結” (In the name of the Vaterland: zuguo 祖國 consciousness and complex in early modern East Asia)

15.20-15.40: Yu Jingdong 于京東, “The Concept of Territory in Modern China: 1689-1910”

15.40-16.10: Q&A / 總結與提問

16.10-17.00: Roundtable / 圓桌討論

17.00-17.10: Closing remarks / 閉幕:閉幕辭和

17.10-17.30: Closing aperitif / 茶歇

19.30-21.30 Farewell dinner/ 閉會晚餐 (Casa dell’Aviatore)


Project Director

Federica Casalin (費琳), Sapienza University of Rome


Cheng Wen-Huei 鄭文惠, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Li, Sher-shiueh 李奭學 , Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Shen Guowei 沈國威 , Kansai University, Osaka

Sun Jiang 孙江 , Nanjing University, Nanjing


Sapienza University of Rome Department of Oriental Studies

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Sapienza University of Rome

Academia Sinica

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Kansai University


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