Homepage of Huihui DING (丁慧慧)

Huihui DING, PhD in Behavioural Economics from University of Bordeaux (GREThA, 2016),

Post-doc of THEMA (since 2017),

at University of Cergy-Pontoise


The PDF of my CV in English can be downloaded from here.

Le PDF de mon CV en Fançais peut être téléchargé par ici.

My research interests are individual and collective decision-making, social welfare, behavioral economics and game theory. In particular, I focus on epistemic social choice, judgement aggregation, deliberative democracy and social conformity. My PhD thesis was focused on the role of social conformity in voting about the free-rider problem and the incumbent pandering problem.

Since September 2017, I am a post-doc of THEMA at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP) in the west of Paris, France. Before joining UCP, I got my PhD from GREThA of the University of Bordeaux, France. My undergradaute training was in Mathematics in China.