Huihui DING (丁慧慧)

Post-doc of THEMA (09, 2017-02, 2021), at CY Cergy Paris Université (France).

Tel: (+33)679185444

Reference letters:

  • Prof. Marcus PIVATO, CY Cergy Paris Université (France) Email:;

  • Prof. Cécile AUBERT , University of Bordeaux (France) Email:

  • Prof. Emmanuel PETIT, University of Bordeaux (France) Email:

  • Prof. Agustin Pérez-Barahona, CY Cergy Paris Université (France) Email:

I am an economic theorist. My research interests are behavioral economics, game theory and social choice theory. In particular, I focus on game theory, epistemic social choice, and deliberative democracy. Since September 2017, I am a post-doc of THEMA at the CY Cergy Paris Université (UCP) in the west of Paris, France. My Postdoctoral Fellowships are from I-SITE and Labex MME-DII. Before joining UCP, I got my PhD from GREThA of the University of Bordeaux, France. My undergraduate training was in Mathematics in China.

I am on the 2019-2020 job market. My job market paper studies the effects of deliberation on epistemic social choice and AI, and gives the conditions under which the deliberation process certainly improves the performance of the group. For the details and my other projects, please take a look at my research page.

The PDF of my CV in English can be downloaded from here.

Le PDF de mon CV en Fançais peut être téléchargé par ici.