Hudson Middle School Choir

Hudson, Ohio

Pursuing excellence day by day.

Meet the Director

Miss Jennifer Platek

Miss Platek is a graduate of Taylor University and VanderCook College of Music. While at Taylor, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in music education. At VanderCook, she earned a Master's Degree in music education. Prior to coming to Hudson, Miss Platek was a high school choral director for four years where her choirs regularly participated in the Ohio Music Education Association Large Group Adjudicated Events. She also spent seven years teaching a combination of middle school choir and general music. Miss Platek began at Hudson City Schools during the 2014-2015 school year, and is committed to developing principles of leadership and achieving excellence in choral music education.

What are we learning?

The overall goal of the Hudson Middle School Choral program is three-fold:

  • to develop proper singing technique and skill
  • to learn musicianship
  • to cultivate a life-long love for singing

These are the building blocks for all activities in the classroom.

Students learn proper singing posture, breathing technique, and are guided in how to produce a healthy choral tone. Exercises are administered to develop an open choral tone and to introduce the concept of unified vowels. It is stressed that proper breathing technique and the ability to train the listening ear are extremely important in being a successful member of the choral ensemble.

2019-2020 Hudson Middle School Show Choir

Ava Beard

Sunita Bhatia

Ben Bixby

Emmy Burling

Giselle Chaddan

Owen Dailey

Ellie Davis

Sherry Du

Lillian Hockstra

Joshua Jacob

Iliana Jones

Elizabeth Kim

Landon Lamielle

Charlie Learoyd

Sarah Matyja

Ashlyn Mouse

Amber Naska

Jocelyn Oh

Adeline Pelletier

Lindsey Ross

Samantha Rosenburg

Alyssa Schwan

Lena Sprinzl

Jeremiah Stoehr

Ava Tallat-Kelpsa

Anna Thorpe

Jason Tong

Avery Travis

Sophie Uijtewaal

Paula Uzcategui

Libby Walker

Cordelia Watson

Maria Wright

Ella Zulandt


The first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, Oct. 8 from 3:00 to 4:15pm.

Thank you to all of you who auditioned for show choir this year. We had wonderful interest in the auditions. I would love to be able to take all of you, but unfortunately that is impossible. I enjoyed getting to hear all of you sing. Thank you for having the courage to audition. I understand how difficult it is to put yourself out there and how disappointing it is when things do not turn out as you had hoped... Please continue singing and working! Your musical journey at Hudson is just beginning. You have many years ahead to continue to learn and grow as a performer! I would be happy to speak with any of you regarding your audition should you be interested in doing so.
Sincerely,Miss Platek