1. Go to www.office.com/setup or Office.com/setup For Office Setup Online.

  2. Sign in To Your Microsoft Account, If you don't have an Account, You can sign up to create a new account.

  3. Enter your Office Setup product key that comes with Office Retail Card,

  4. Choose your Country & Language. Click Next.

  5. Click Install Button in the subscription area to Download Office Setup.

  6. Save and Download the Office Setup.

  7. Follow The On-screen Instruction For Office Setup.

  8. Wait for Office Installation to Finish.

  9. Once Office Installation is complete led, Open Any Office Like Word Or Excel To Activate Office.

Complete Guide to Setup and Install Office Using Office.com/setup

How To Create Microsoft account

  1. Open an internet browser and go to www.office.com/setup.

  2. Click “Create a new account.”

  3. Click on Create One! Option .

  4. Type In Your Email Address & Click Next.

  5. Create Password & Click Next.

  6. Enter your First name and Last name.

  7. Now Check Your Email For Activation Link From Microsoft , Verify Account Using The Same Password.

  8. Your Microsoft Account Is Ready To Use.

How to Setup and Install Office with office.com/setup

  1. Go to office.com/setup official Office setup webpage.
    Open your favorite browser and visit www.office.com/setup from your search bar. Visit the first link in the results. Or simply type https://www.office.com/setup in the URL bar and hit enter.

  2. Sign In to Microsoft Account or Create a New Account for Office.
    Click on the blue Sign in Button and Enter your Email, Phone number, or Skype Id (If any) associated with your Office or any Microsoft Services. If you do not have a Microsoft Account, You can Simply Click on the Create a New Account button and fill in your details to create a New Account to setup office.

  3. Enter Office Product, hit next.
    Enter your 25 Alphanumeric product key that comes with the Microsoft Office for Activation. You will find your Product key in the email that you have used to purchase office or in the retail packaging.

  4. Find your Office Product, Click Install.
    Once your Product key has been added to your Account, you will now find your Office Product key in your Account. Click on the Install Office button below your subscription name.

  5. Click Install again to download Office setup.
    Select your Office version and Click on Install again. This will download Office setup, Depending on your browser, Click save and Run to save the downloaded file and run the downloaded file automatically once the download is complete.

  6. Accept Prompt to begin Installation.
    Once the download is finished and the Installation begins to run. A prompt will appear, Click Yes to begin the Installation.

  7. Wait for the Installation to Finish.
    Your installation will start. Installation may take a while to progress and complete. Once the installation progress is complete the installation will finish.

  8. Click Close and Open Office apps. Installation is Complete.
    Now you can click on the close app, Office Setup and Installation is finished. Go to your Apps and Run any Microsoft Office Application.

Office setup and Installation on Windows with www.office.com/setup

  1. Go to office.com/setup and Sign In.
    Open any browser and enter the URL www.office.com/setup and hit enter. You will be on the official Office setup webpage. Click on the Sign In button and use your Microsoft services associated Account to sign In or if you are a new user, click on create a new account button.

  2. On the My account page, Click Install.
    You will see an orange button that says Install Office. Click it.

  3. Download the office setup File.
    Once you click install, Click Save to download your Office setup file.

  4. Run the Downloaded File.
    Go to your default Downloads folder and double-click on the downloaded Office setup file.

  5. Click Yes to accept the prompt.
    A prompt will appear. Click yes to begin Installation.

  6. Wait for Office to complete Installation.
    The installation will begin. This may take a while to install Office on your windows pc.

  7. Click "Close", Office Installation is Finished.
    A prompt will appear once the installation is finished. Click Close and you will find all your Office apps installed in your Start menu.

Office setup and Installation on Mac with office.com/setup

  1. Go to office.com/setup and Sign In.
    Open any browser and enter the URL www.office.com/setup and hit enter. You will be on the official Office setup webpage. Sign In with your Office Associated Account or Create a new one.

  2. Click Install.
    Under your Office Subscription. Click on the Install Office button.

  3. Download the office setup File.
    The office setup Installation file will begin to download. If prompted by the browser, click Save.

  4. Open Finder and Go to the Download folder.
    On your doc click on the finder app and on the left pane of the Finder window you will find your Downloads Folder. Open the folder and run the Office.dmg setup file.

  5. Click Continue and follow the setup wizard.
    Click the Continue button twice on the bottom right corner of the Installation Screen. Click Agree to accept the terms and conditions. Click Continue again and finally click on the Install button.

  6. Enter your Mac Password to begin Installation.
    Enter your Mac password and click Install Software to begin the Installation. This may take a while to install office on your windows pc.

  7. Click "Close", Office Installation is Finished.
    A prompt will appear once the installation is finished. Click Close and you will find all your Office apps installed in your Applications folder.

How Do I Redeem My Product Key?

You can redeem your product key by merely locating it and then providing it on the official MS Office website. So simply visit the office.com/setup website and then click Redeem My Product Key option. Then you will see a dialogue box on your screen where you can enter your product key and then strike the enter key of your keyboard. When you do so, you are registering your Office setup product key with your user account. After registering your product key, you will be able to download and install the Office setup on your device flawlessly.

How to Download the Office Setup?

If you wish to download Office setup on your device, then you must follow the instructions that we have given down here:

    1. First, launch a favorite internet browser and then navigate Microsoft Office's official website, www.office.com/setup.

    2. Select the preferred Office product to download on your device.

    3. Then the website will prompt you to create an account or sign in to your existing account.

    4. So please log in or sign up as per your situation.

    5. After that, simply select your subscription from the top tab and then click the Install Office button.

    6. This will initiate the downloading process automatically.

    7. Before closing, just wait for the downloading to finish itself. This is how simple it is to download Office setup on any device.

How to Install MS Office?

Just by double-clicking the Office setup and then following the instructions on your screen, you can install the application. For the in-depth instructions, please follow the given below guide:

    1. First, navigate to the file location where you saved the Office setup file from office.com/setup.

    2. After finding the file, please open it and then select the Yes button to start the installation process.

    3. The installation package will ask you to accept the terms of use to continue.

    4. So just select the I Agree & Install button.

    5. Hang on for a minute and then restart your computer when the process finishes.

    6. So as you see, installing Office on any device is not a big deal at all.

How to Activate Microsoft Office?

Activating an Office subscription is a hassle-free process, and you only need to find your Office activation code to make it happen.

Once you find your key, follow the instruction given here to activate your program:

    1. Double click any Office app on your computer to launch it.

    2. Wait for the automated activation popup to appear on your screen.

    3. If needed, sign in to your account when the website appears.

    4. Insert your Office setup activation key when you see the activation dialogue box.

    5. Click Activate My Subscription button to finish the process.

    6. Restart your PC when the process completes.