High Plains Millet Association, Inc.

The High Plains Millet Association, Inc. (HPMA), founded March 2017, invites producers, consumers and other interested parties in learning about the versatility, production and research of this ancient grain.

Colorado is top producer of millet accounting for about 52 percent of total U.S. production.

Colorado Department of Agriculture

News Release - Ballots mailed to Millet Producers - August 9, 2018

High Plains Millet Association

News Release - HPMA Urges a Yes Vote for Colorado Millet Marketing Order - August 9, 2018

High Plains Millet Association

News Release - Referendum Announcement - July 12, 2018

Vote to be Held on Millet Marketing Order

Referendum ballots will be mailed August 9 and the referendum voting period will be through August 31

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Colorado Ag Today

Millet Market Order Update by Maura Bennett

High Plains Millet Association

News Release - June 7, 2018

Official Notice of Millet Marketing Order

Public Hearing Notice

Colorado Department of Agriculture

Millet growers take next step to create market order

The Fence Post

Morning AgClips

Journal Advocate

Kiowa County Press

The International Millet Symposium co-hosted by @ColoradoStateU Extension and @UNLExtension

Register by May 30th @ http://go.unl.edu/millet2018

Millets: a solution to agrarian and nutritional challenges

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Gov. Hickenlooper Signs Bill to Allow Producer Referendum for Millet Marketing Order

HPMA News Release - May 2, 2018


The Holyoke Enterprise

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New waxy proso millet variety offered this spring

Nebraska Farmer

Millet could be upgraded from a 'feed grain'

High Plains Journal

Commissioner of Agriculture Don Brown will be supporting legislation to allow a referendum of millet growers


3rd ISBM: International Symposium on Broomcorn Millet (aka. Proso Millet/Common Millet/Millet) August 8 -12, 2018, at the Marriott Inn, Fort Collins, CO, USA. The Symposium jointly organized by University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and Colorado State University (CSU).

Symposium Announcement and Details

90 Producers, Handlers and Industry Attend First Annual Meeting of High Plains Millet Association

Press Release - Dec 19, 2017

Millet Producers: Please take the jointed UNL/CSU/KSU survey: (Wilma Trujillo CSU Extension)

DrylandAG.Org Survey

1st Annual High Plains Millet Association meeting in Sterling, CO today - 1010 KSIR

1010 - KSIR pics

For more information, slides and pictures from the HPMA First Annual Meeting see link below:

First Annual HPMA Meeting

The first HPMA annual meeting will be held Friday, December 8th, 2017, at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, CO, in the Hays Student Center Ballroom.

The U.S. House Agriculture Committee has created a website to provide updates and information related to the #2018FarmBill https://agriculture.house.gov/farmbill/