Alcohol & Cocktails

howst bloody mary

Alcohol & Cocktails


Thornbridge Lukas Draught Lager 4.2%

Pint 5.00 half 2.50

House white or red wine 

125ml 3.50 175ml 4.50 250ml 6.00 or bottle 18.50


300ml 5.75 or bottle 22.00


Espresso Martini 6.00  

espresso, vodka, syrup, coffee liqueur

Howst Bloody Mary 6.00          

vodka, tomato juice, seasoning

Aperol Spritz 6.00  

aperol, prosecco, soda

Fruity Pimm’s 6.00

pimms, fruit, lemonade (lg jug for 2) 10.00

Passionfruit Martini 6.00 

passion fruit puree, vodka, shot prosecco

White Russian 6.00

Vodka, tia maria, cream

Mimosa 6.00

Prosecco, orange juice

Daiquiri 6.00

Berry mix & bacardi, crushed ice

Please inform us and make us aware of any allergens you may have

We make our dishes fresh to order so can accommodate to your requirements

We do not offer a specific childrens' menu, with a wide variety of ingredients to choose from we are more than happy to put a dish together for them