Our Drinks Menu

flat white

Hot Drinks

Sheffield Forge Coffee             

Espresso 2.50    

Machiatto 2.60

Flat white 3.00

Long black 2.90

Cappuccino 3.30 (large 3.60)       

Latte 3.30 (large 3.60)

All coffee is served with a double shot


Milks & Syrups               

Alternative milks add 0.50                  

oat / almond / soya or coconut

Syrups add 0.50                 

vanilla or caramel

Forge coffee retail 250g pack 6.50   

ground or bean  


Speciality Drinks

Beetroot & ginger latte 3.80

Chai latte 3.80

Both can be served hot or cold with your choice of milk


Callebaut Chocolate Drinks                

Hot chocolate 3.50

Delux Hot chocolate 4.00               

soft mallows and aerated cream, glazed

Mocha 4.00



Yorkshire / Earl grey / Camomile / Decafe / Peppermint / Green 1.50


Warm Infusions             

Mint & cranberry 2.50

Lemon, ginger & honey 2.50

deluxe milkshakes

Cold Drinks

Cold & Iced          

Delux iced coffee 4.50  

espresso, vanilla ice cream, milk

Delux iced mocha 4.50

espresso, chocolate ice cream, milk

Straight Iced coffee 3.50


Iced smoothies  

Berry mix, coconut milk & apple juice 5.00

Banana, oats, honey & coconut milk 5.00



Traditional topped with cream 3.80  

Chocolate or strawberry or vanilla

Deluxe milkshakes 5.00  

Choc, fruit & nut

nutella, choc ice cream, nuts, fruit


bananas, vanilla ice cream, toffee

(adult version with vodka add 0.50)


Juice & Cans

Juice by the glass 2.90

orange or apple or tomato

San Pellegrino 2.90

orange / lemon / pomegranate / blood orange

Coke Cola  2.50

standard / diet

Bottled water 1.50         

still / sparkling

Please inform us and make us aware of any allergens you may have

We make our dishes fresh to order so can accommodate to your requirements

We do not offer a specific childrens' menu, with a wide variety of ingredients to choose from we are more than happy to put a dish together for them