Man Boobs: Get Rid of Training or Surgery

Many women like big breasts, but for men this is different. Man boobs are the last thing you want. Yet breast formation in men is fairly common. This means that the breasts are larger than normal, giving them a somewhat 'feminine' appearance. Do you have man boobs and do you want to get rid of it? There are fortunately different ways to do something about your men's breasts. Lose weight and train your chest muscles form the basis for reducing your breast formation. Does not this work? Then an operation might be the solution for you.

Types of Man Boobs

There are two types of man boobs: gynecomastia and pseudogynaecomastia. The first is caused by a disorder on the chatter discs, the second is related to a fat surplus.


The medical name for breast formation in men is gynaecomastia. Little children are sitting behind the nipple in small children. In boys these tendons usually disappear in puberty, while in girls they grow into breasts. Sometimes these disks also grow in boys, on one side or on both sides. This is of course very annoying, because as a boy you do not want your breasts to swell. Fortunately for many boys, this phenomenon often lasts for a short time. With a small number of boys, however, these man boobs remain, even after puberty.


The klierschijf is not always the culprit in men's breasts. In so-called pseudogynaecomastie, the breasts look as if the man in question has gynecastia, but - as the name might suggest - this condition does not actually apply here. In pseudogynaecomastia there is namely fat accumulation in the breasts. An ultrasound examination can show the difference between the two disorders, so that you know what the problem is.


There are several factors that contribute to breast formation in men.

Too much fat in the breasts

Loose skin that provides 'hanging breasts'

Enlarged clod discs or too much glandular tissue

Excessive use of alcohol

Anabolic steroids

Liver or kidney disease


One of the major causes of man boobs is obesity. Because breasts - in both men and women - partly consist of fat, your weight has a lot of influence on your breast formation. If you are overweight or even obese, you increase the chance of man boobs. The more fat you have, the more fat will accumulate on your chest. An excess of fat also causes the production of leptin, a hormone that reduces the production of testosterone. And this in turn leads to more breast formation.


Growing up is not fun for many people, but if you find yourself getting more and more bothered by man boobs while you're older, that's totally annoying. From a year or 50 on, the production of testosterone in your body will decrease.

Excessive Use of Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol also contributes to the growth of your male breasts. First of all, you'll be quicker if you drink alcohol, because there are a lot of calories in alcoholic drinks and you often drink in combination with a snack. In addition, beer is known to increase the estrogen level. Estrogen is a hormone that occurs mainly in women in high mater and stimulates breast growth. If you want to avoid breast formation as a man, then it is better not to take too much beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Anabolic Steroids

Some bodybuilders and athletes use anabolic steroids to improve their sport performance and increase their muscles. You've probably seen a man who uses anabolic steroids: the muscles are then abnormally large. However, your muscles are not the only parts of the body that 'swell' through the use of these synthetic hormones. In the body, anabolics work basically as testosterone, but the body can also convert the steroids into estrogen, a female hormone that promotes breast growth. In addition, your chest muscles will be bigger, so your man boobs can stand out more.

Liver or Kidney Disease

Sometimes men suddenly suffer from man boobs. In this case it is wise to contact your doctor. In the case of sudden breast formation in men, there may be a kidney or liver disease. It is possible that your breasts swell, so your man gets boobs.

A healthy Diet

Because fat often plays a role in man boobs, it is advisable to eat healthy. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates, avoid sugars and replace high-fat foods with lean meats and foods with sufficient protein. Fruit and vegetables are good for your body and your weight, so here you can eat a lot. Does this mean that you have to change your entire lifestyle? It is really worth it in most cases. Not only to reduce your male breasts, but also to feel better in your skin and to feel fitter.

Shoulders Backwards

Nobody looks good with hanging shoulders and a collapsed position. If you suffer from man boobs, even such a bad attitude will only emphasize your downsides. Therefore, make sure you learn a better attitude yourself. Stand upright, tighten your abs and pull your shoulders backwards. So you look a lot better and your men's breasts fall less. And the best part is: you have immediate results!

Reduce Man Boobs with Training

Your diet has a big influence on your fat percentage, but does not underestimate the power of a good workout either. By combining cardio and strength training, you get more muscles and you lose fat. Your body will convert the food you eat into muscle and no longer into fat. And that in turn has a positive effect on your breast formation. In addition, you make more testosterone when you do strength training. Try to exercise at least three times a week to achieve quick results.

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