Supporting Projects

Mashallah, Houston is a thriving city and momeneen are working hard to undertake projects for the future of our community here, and below are some of the Houston community projects.

*Al-Ghadeer New Building Expansion Project, Houston TX* Mar-2022

Jafaria Cemetery

With the dedicated efforts of the momeneen, the Jafaria cemetery is open. To progress further development, continued support from momeneen is required. Please participate by contributing and encouraging others to contribute for the Jafaria Cemetery.

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IEC Expansion Project

New Al-Hadi school at the new IEC property was open for business in 2019. Future developments of onsite facilities, masjid, etc. at the location are to be executed.

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Masjid-al-Rasul (Fifth Ward) Construction

This is history in the making of a NEW Masjid Construction effort established to help uplift the indigenous, impoverished and oppressed community of 5th Ward, Houston, TX with the purifying and revitalizing message of the Quran and the Ahlul Bayt (as).

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IEC Clear Lake Center

The IEC Center in Clear Lake is a rapidly growing masjid within the Shia community. The current facility is one of a kind since the next closest Shia center is about 40 miles away. As such, this center is home to several families who cannot make the long drive elsewhere. In addition to offering services on Tuesdays (Dua-e-Tawassul) and Thursdays (Dua-e-Kumail) every week, we are proud to offer daily Ramadan and Muharram programs and various youth programs for the South-East Houston/Galveston area Shia families. The new facility comprises of 1.8 acres of land with an existing metal structure which will provide 2400 sq ft. This facility includes separate prayer areas, separate kitchens and restrooms. It is located at 2619 Kentucky Ave, League City TX 77573. For more information or to make a contribution, please contact: Brother Hadi Elmi (713) 851 1256, email, Brother Zuhair Dhanji (832) 692 4682, email

WISE Learning & Sports (WISE)

WISE Learning & Sports (WISE), a non-profit educational institution was established to address the challenges parents face to raise their children in a safe and productive environment that promotes academic, fitness and moral excellence. The state-of-the-art tutoring and sports facilities provides a safe, secure, and positive solution to this essential need. With the help of the Houston community, WISE opened state of the art facility in Houston in 2017.

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