grand eid-e-ghadeer & eid-e-mubahila quiz competitions

Alhamdolillah by the grace of Almighty and blessings of His Last Hujjat (atfs), #H2020 is pleased to announce GRAND QUIZ COMPETITIONS to celebrate the occasion of Mastership of our Mawla Ali (as) and our Love of Ahlul Bait (as).

GRAND Eid-e-GHADEER Quiz Competition @ IEC, Houston on 27-Jul-2021 @ 10.15pm
GRAND Eid-e-MUBAHILA Quiz Competition @ Masjid AlRasool AlAkram(sa), Houston on 02-Aug-2021 @ 10.15pm

LIVE KAHOOT QUIZ competitions with GRAND Prizes at both the competitions will be as follows -

1st Prize - $500

2nd Prize - $250

3rd Prize - $150

Special Prize - $100 (to the youngest registered participant)

Click here to register REGISTRATION ENDS on Sunday 25-Jul-2021 11:59pm

Ilte maase dua,

#H2020 Team

PS- Please recite sura fateha for the marhoomeen of the volunteers & sponsors.

Following are some more details for the QUIZ competition

  • The QUIZ will be LIVE at the Center and all in audience can participate using their cell phones.

  • The QUIZ will have around 40 questions.

  • Only ONE ATTEMPT per person.

  • You are not allowed to copy, cheat and seek help from others.

  • You need to be physically present at the Center to win the prize.

  • Only one prize per person. So, if you win a prize in first QUIZ you cannot get the prize at the second QUIZ.

  • In case of any ties, the prize shall go to the participant who registered first for the competition.

  • This is good faith competition for the benefit of the community, and all decisions by the organizers/judges will be final.

Welcome to Houston2020!

#H2020 is a volunteer organization working towards building the local community for generations to come. We hope to do it together - one project at a time.

If you want to participate and/or contribute in any way, please register in the "Registration" section or email us @ contact@houston2020.org.

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