Welcome to Houston2020!

#H2020 is a volunteer organization working towards building the local community for generations to come. We hope to do it together - one project at a time.

If you want to participate and/or contribute in any way, please register in the "Registration" section or email us @ contact@houston2020.org.

Also, now is a good time to make your donations / contributions to our Houston community projects (which get thawaab-e-jaaree and, also, tax deductions). More info is available in the Projects” section.

#H2020 Job board

The #COVID19 times have resulted in many people looking for jobs. The fastest way to get a job is through and in known circles. Alhamdolillah, we have volunteers who have stepped up to help us. Also, if you would like to volunteer, please send your details to hr@houston2020.org.

We have established two divisions - one for job seekers and another for businesses who would like to hire community talent -

Inshallah we hope to connect the job seekers with the businesses, and pray that we all have the tawfeeq to help one another in goodness and piety.

Ilte maase dua,

#H2020 Team