Hi. My name is Dan, I'm a self-taught programmer with strong computer science fundamentals and expertise in C# and Unity. I live in Culver City, California.

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Task Attack

-mobile arcade game released on iOS & Android

-solo developer, did programming, design, & art

-took game through entire development life cycle, from concept, prototyping, budget, production, app store approval, marketing, build & release, maintenance and updates

-implemented Game Center integration, Unity Ads, In-App purchases, Unity Analytics, Live Ops/Remote Settings

-partnered with composer on music

Wanted: Alive!

-action game built for Ludum Dare 46

-implemented Game Manager and UI

-implemented reusable SFXManager and MusicManager system

-implemented chicken AI

-5 person team

Homeward Duck

-vr game built for Global Gam Jam 2019

-polished & released on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

-implemented enemy spaceships, including creating an enemy spaceship toolkit which gave our level designer a simple path-creation tool with adjustable AI behavior.

-used SteamVR and Oculus Integration APIs

-10 person team

Junker Derby

-online multiplayer arena racing built for Ludum Dare 45

-implemented online multiplayer using Photon API

-6 person team


-meditative world game built for Ludum Dare 44

-lead programmer on project

-created custom editor tools in Unity game engine for level designer

-5 person team

Shoot or Move

-local multiplayer arcade game built for Ludum Dare 43

-implemented 6 person local multi-player

-created enemy AI that mimics behavior of real players

-4 person team

City Surgeon

-strategy game built for Ludum Dare 41

-owned development of the little people AI

-5 person team

Hot Tub Stu

-fruit hot tub game built for Ludum Dare 42

-owned gameplay, syringe throwing mechanic

-4 person team