Frequently Asked Questions

When are you opening? Great question! We're telling people "A year" any time they ask. That way if we open earlier, it's a pleasant surprise. Seriously, though, we're hoping to be open in late 2020. The more we raise through crowdfunding, the sooner we will open.

ETA: The global pandemic really threw us (and everyone else) for a loop. We finally opened in a limited capacity on February 26, 2021. For months, Hot Air's brewer, J., brewed several times a week on a 10 gallon system (this is not ideal. He is a rockstar) until finally our 7 BBL (barrel) system came online in mid-July. Our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting was August 6th, 2021 at 10:30 am.

How can I become a founder? Complete a Founders Form. If you're local, you can deposit or transfer your funds to our crowdfunding account at First National Bank Creston. Ask your teller how. You can also Venmo us @hotairbrewing

Holy cow, that's expensive equipment! Why didn't you go with something cheaper? So many reasons! 1. We wanted to purchase American-made steel. The quality is better and the uncertainty of steel tariffs made us nervous. Plus if something arrives damaged, it's much easier to fix or replace it. 2. The manufacturer we are working with, Portland Kettle Works, has a 97% success rate with breweries they equip, due to their brewery operations workshop and support throughout the entire process. That industry knowledge and experience is invaluable to us. 3. We are immersing ourselves in building this business with our brewer and focusing on brewing, yeast science, water composition, recipe development, renovating an historic building, and raising a feisty 8 year old. We needed equipment that is user friendly, high quality, and lessens our learning curves.

Can I contribute more than $1000? You bet! If you'd like to contribute additional funds, please send Katie an e-mail at There are opportunities to name fermenters and taps and we're open to suggestions.

Are there different levels in the Founders Program? Absolutely! We've reduced the number of levels from 5 to 3 and adjusted the benefits to better fit 2022.

Is my contribution tax deductible? Nope! Hot Air Brewing is a for-profit business. If you're looking for a tax deductible donation opportunity, check out Creston Arts.

What is your crowdfunding goal? What will you do if you exceed it? Our goal is to sell 250 Founders Mugs. That would cover the cost of our equipment. Our lease payment is gigantic and we have three years left until the equipment is ours.

You say the Level 1 mug will pay for itself. How long will that take? Hot Air Brewing will sell pours of beer for between $5 and $6. If you purchase $5 pints, you would recoup your investment in 200 visits. If you come in once per week, you'll pay for your mug in under 4 years. If you come in five times per week, you'll pay it off in 40 weeks. Less if you're purchasing $6 pints.

What if I want to be a founder but I don't like beer? Challenge accepted! Only kidding. If beer is not your thing or you're not able to drink it, you can fill your mug with soda or cider (a smaller pour).

I think this project is amazing, but I don't drink. What are my options? Thanks for asking! We have sugar-free caffeine-free soda that fills up your mug just fine.

When do you need our commitment form and payment? The sooner the better. We understand that Covid-19 has done a number on finances, schedules, jobs, pretty much everything. We will accept Founders program forms through 2022.

Founders levels range from $100-$1000 and every little bit helps. Checks and money orders can be made out to Hot Air Brewing Co. and mailed to 212 N. Maple St., Creston, IA 50801 or you can Venmo @hotairbrewing