Hot Air Brewing is located in rural southwest Iowa, in a bit of a brewery desert. Founded by Creston local, Katie, Hot Air is a third space where community members and their families can come after work or on the weekends to relax, try the latest in-house beer, and just be.

Creston is a small railroad town located an hour southwest of Des Moines, 90 minutes southeast of Omaha, and two hours north of Kansas City. Hot Air is located in Creston's Uptown Business District, two blocks north of its historic restored Depot. One of Creston's many traditions is "Balloon Days", a hot air balloon festival held annually in September. Naming the brewery was easy: the meaning is tied to both the festival and the founders' desire to lift others up in their community.

J. Wilson is an author, a professional drinker and lifestyle expert, and Hot Air's brewer. With over 25 years of homebrewing experience and a decade in the brewing industry, J. brings his knowledge of beer styles and his national network of industry professionals to this random brewery in rural Iowa. He grew up in the area, his wife is a local small business owner, and they live 15 miles from the brewery. He makes amazing sugar water and once the yeast have done their job, he also names the result. In his spare time, J. puts on an annual drinking pants pageant to honor celebrities and giants of the beer world who rock amazing pants. The pageant is open to the public and now features J.'s "Drinking Pants" pale ale and "Microphone Scarves" saison. Cheers!