Sea Chanteys, Forebitters and Work Tunes

Hands-on working chanteys, shipboard forebitters, immigrant ballads of life at sea, original songs of New England maritime history, tall tales of pirates and shipwrecks, sailors' hornpipes, capstan jigs and even a traditional ship's Fufu band: the GH&CS can float your boat from dockside to dogwatch for a traditional seaside family day.

Band members research and compose nautical songs for local sites and events, and bring to life unpublished tunes from the sailing era. Nancy Koch's waltz, Message in a Bottle, provided music for the soundtrack of the video documentary Legacy: Shipbuilders, Fishermen and the Age of the Gloucester schooners.  

Sea Music Venues

Sea Music Samples

LISTEN •  The Diamond

LISTEN •  Message in a Bottle