Massachusetts has a wealth of history from the War of 1812. Enjoy true tales of the Scituate fife-and-drum girls who drove off the British soldiers as the American Army of Two, Massachusetts-born Canadian heroine, Laura Secord, a spirited pogocello rendition of the Battle of New Orleans, and a fireworks-worthy Constitution Extravaganza in celebration of the glorious victories of Old Ironsides.

As professional living history interpreters, historic re-enactors, educators, composers, and touring artists, the band brings museum-quality education, meticulous research, and polished entertainment to their performances in authentic period clothing of the Federal era. They have played on board the U.S.S. Constitution, at Federal-era historic houses like the King Caesar House and Loring-Greenough House, and at major conferences for the Boston Seaport. When the Pride of Baltimore II visited Boston in 2010, band member Lynn Noel received a special invitation to sing the national anthem on deck under the 1812 flag of the only tall ship to fly the "Star-Spangled Banner" of Baltimore's Fort McHenry. Lynn has also been a keynote performer at 1812 conferences in the U.S. and Canada, with special focus on French-American alliances, Canada and the Great Lakes theater of war, and the role of women in the 1812 era.

Invite the band to create a special set list for your event, or just sit back and enjoy a Musical History of the War of 1812!