Poker Night

Pictured from the Left, Jesse Zimmer, CPO, David Newman, Philanthropist, Ryan Pine -- 2nd place 2017, Byron Lee -- 1st place 2017, John Healy, -- 3rd place 2017 and Mike Jarrett

March 16, 2018! Poker Night, Huge Fun!!

Get Ready for the Hoover Poker Night! We will have professional dealers and lots of instruction and help. Never played poker? No problem!

The event will kick off at 7:00 at Bacchus Wine Shop (same store as Pape's Meat) in Millbrae. Your $100 buy-in gets you dinner, beer to drink and chips to get you going. If you play well, that initial purchase will take you to the winner's table. If lady luck is running against you, re-buys are available for $40.

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