Camping Trip

More than 150 Dads and kids came to the second Hoover camping trip. Get Ready for the

3rd Annual Hoover Camping Trip

Here is the plan: We are going to pick kids up from School on Friday, June 7 right after school (and there is some talk that some of the Dads may leave earlier). We will drive to Mt. Madonna, which will be an hour and a half (but could get worse with traffic). We are working on arranging a Taco Truck for Friday night, and then a group dinner for Saturday. You will be responsible for tents, sleeping bags, some sort of sleep surface and food for you and your kids for breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Don't have any camping experience? Not outdoorsy? If you can put stuff in your car, get some cereal, sandwich makings and snacks at Safeway and can drink a beer, you've got all of the background that you'll need. For $100 per family, you get dinners on Friday and Saturday and your camping spot. Parking is $10 per day ($20 total) that is collected at the gate.

We will keep a list of the questions and answers:

What is provided: We are planning on have a taco truck on Friday night, and will have a group BBQ on Saturday (tri-tip or something like that, plus some hot dogs for the kids, if you are vegetarian please drop me a note (

What you need to bring:

Here's the short list:

  • Tent, Sleeping Bags and Air mattresses or cots
  • Clothes (shorts for warm days, pants and jackets for cool evenings)
  • Food - Sat Breakfast and Lunch, Sunday Breakfast, Snacks, anything special that you and your kids need. Might be good to have a mess kit and any dishes you want for cooking.
  • Beverages - water and containers, coffee (we will fire up the BBQ if you want to bring a camp coffee maker), maybe a beer or two (probably a cooler would be a good idea as well)
  • A good attitude (plus, don't forget your guitar, if you have one that works for camping!)

For a comprehensive list go here: (Thanks JT!)

What about bikes? The decision was made that we are going to leave bikes at home. Since we have a broad age range, and varying skill levels, it would be difficult to supervise and assure that everyone will be safe.

Individual fire pits?: There is one very large fire pit in a central area but no individual fire pits. There is a large BBQ and a number of picnic tables also near the fire pit. As far as set up goes, the ranger said there is large area in the middle of the site where cars can park, but also room in that open space to set up tents and to play Frisbee, soccer, etc. The open space area is surrounded by wooded trees where tents can also be set up. There are two porta potties but the campground is only a 30 second or so walk to a large bathroom/shower area that is much better than porta potties.

Road?: All roads are now open.

Archery?: There is an archery area but BYObow and arrows. Sounds dangerous with kids anyways.

Lake? No.

Horses: Yes, there is a horse rental company (Mt. Madonna Stables) right outside the park where you can rent horses and ride through the park. If you want to do this, you're on your own.

Should Moms come? Let's give the Moms the weekend off. (We can call it a Mom's spa weekend). Of course, if there are any kids who can't come because Dad isn't available, then Mom is welcome (or maybe we can find another family).

The cost is $100 per family. That covers dinner on Friday and Saturday as well as the camping site. There will be $20 fee for vehicle parking that the rangers will collect from you when you arrive.

Please fill out the form and paypal $100 to

It's going to be fun!!!