Vision & Goals

Homeless No More represents an opportunity to refine specific responses and align ongoing work being guided by a 10-Year Plan. The plan needs to be “owned” by all stakeholders, families, and youth. The plan needs to adapt and change given successes, failures, and changes in the community. Ensuring healthy transitions across the system needs to be emphasized as we change our approach to how we respond to youth who are at risk of homelessness or are currently experiencing homelessness. This will help us achieve our goal of preventing and reducing homelessness. It builds on effective existing community-based services and introduces new evidence-based actions required to address the complex issue of youth homelessness. The Youth Plan is the first area response to homelessness for youth at risk in The Annapolis Valley.

The Youth Plan defines homeless youth as those who are between the ages of 13 and 24 and:

• Are without a permanent place of residence.

• Live on the street, in shelters or in places that are not intended or suitable for permanent residence.

• Are “couch-surfing”, or temporarily living with others for short periods of time.

With needed time and resources, the youth outreach program coordinator can take the lead given that their priority outcomes are:

1) Youth have increased positive, healthy relationships.

2) Youth have increased access to supports and services to meet their basic needs.

3) Community has increased awareness about the Youth Outreach Program.

These outcomes line up quite well with the outcomes of The Youth Plan: Homeless No More.