It is possible to end youth homelessness in The Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. This plan, Homeless No More, is written with the perspective of research, proven case studies in other Canadian cities and an understanding of the existing resources and know-how in the community. Many of the background pieces are taken directly from the work of Stephen Gaetz and others, some are named and others are not. If priorities are maintained and with the belief that in working together with one dynamic strategy, it can be different for the next generation. Input has been sought from many stakeholders, youth, families, and experienced front-line people that know youth that are or where, homeless. Together, we can end Youth Homelessness.

Homelessness can be defined as “the situation of an individual or family without stable, permanent, appropriate housing, or the immediate prospect, means and ability of acquiring it. It is the result of systemic or societal barriers, a lack of affordable and appropriate housing, the individual/household’s financial, mental, cognitive, behavioural or physical challenges, and/or racism and discrimination. Most people do not choose to be homeless, and the experience is generally negative, unpleasant, stressful and distressing.” (CHRN, 2012: 1)

This proposed plan is written with the belief that for young people the experience of homelessness – both in terms of its causes and conditions - is distinct from that which impacts adults, and therefore the solutions must reflect these important differences.

The intent of this website is to be:

  • Read, examined, and aligned with social priorities in communities
  • Shared with the people that can make change
  • Discussed and endorsed by teams of people
  • Executed by various stakeholders, people that care
  • Available to all interested parties & updated annually
  • A guide and the actions evaluated after genuine effort is made

Thanks to The Rotary Clubs of Kings County Charitable Foundation