Note from our Acting Coach, Bill Stanitsas:  "The entertainment business is my passion. When I teach my acting classes, I use that same passion and excitement to keep my students engaged. After 20 years of working in all aspects of the business in L.A., I have developed a great program to where you will learn how to become a working actor. Helping build your confidence as an actor is a priority whether you are a beginner or advanced actor. Acting is hands-on, and you ONLY get good at it by doing and not watching a web video or others. All my students are treated with respect and I promise you will get 110% from me every time!!!!!

With anything in life, if you want to be successful, it takes time and hard work.  

This is a journey and we are with you every step of the way from starting with the basics to getting your headshot and resume ready. We teach our acting classes from the point of view of the director, casting agent, and producers. You know, the people that actually hire the actor. We work in small classes so you are not sitting around watching others. We record everything so you can watch yourself after and learn from it. No one ever just woke up one morning and became the best at something. No matter what you pursue in life, proper training and constant practice is what can separate you from the rest. Lebron James and Tom Brady are 2 of the worlds best athletes but they still practice & work on their craft on a daily basis. If you decide to train with us, we will make no false promises. What we promise is that we will work with you every step of the way and offer guidance when needed.