Welcome to Mr. Too Many Christmas Decorations Guy we have not been making any faces for a few years now but are trying to get help producing them. We hope to update this page with new links once we find a good source for the coroplast and finalize plans for the new pattern for noid modules.

Our singing faces are 48" x 48", made of corrugated plastic. Available for order between January 1st and September 31st of each year because we are decorators first and foremost, we offer the fruits of our labors to help other decorators and to fund our obsession. Instructions will include color coded directions and work with incandescent and LED lights. Each face is designed with specific channel count to have no left over lights. See more details about our singing faces on the purchase pages.

We also offer "How To" videos on subjects like basic lightshow information, creating your own lip syncing sequences, making your own faces, and editing our sequences to fit your light show. We love decorating and so we understand what goes into a great lightshow and learn more every year. We want to share this decorating journey, bookmark our page and check back for updates. Check out these How To & DIY Videos

Questions or Comments Email us at mr2manychristmasdecorationsguy@gmail.com