Angry Punks set of 4 faces. These coroplast faces measure 48"x48" and come folded for shipping. To estimate shipping use 49x25x2, 13lbs, and 95961 zip code. Paypal does not automatically calculate shipping for their buttons so I have built in a an estimated shipping charge of $25 if your shipping cost is lower I will reimburse after shipping label has been printed or much higher than the $25 estimate I will message before shipping. If your cost is within a few dollars over we will not bother but if your actual shipping cost is $3 more or higher than the estimated shipping I will invoice you for the remainder of the shipping cost before sending your faces. Your faces will be sent with insurance and a tracking number. Email us your address so we can calculate shipping if you want a custom invoice.

Angry Punks


Mr and Mrs Claus