Membership Information

HL7 plays a pivotal role in health IT interoperability through its standards. As an organization it also provides a mature place in which users, purchasers and suppliers can build consensus on interoperability and the means to achieve standardisation. HL7 Singapore being an HL7 International affiliate aims to:

  • Support the development, promotion and implementation of HL7 standards in ways which meet the needs of healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals and healthcare IT practitioners in Singapore.

  • Match Singapore national requirement with HL7 standards, and if necessary, develop Singapore-specific messages, profiles and implementation guides.

  • Educate the Singapore community and healthcare IT practitioners about HL7 standards, and to promote effective and consistent implementation of HL7 standards.

There are four types of membership:

  • Individual (S$50 per annum)

  • Student (S$25 per annum)

  • Corporate (S$2000 per annum)

  • Affiliate (Free)

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Terms and Conditions

  • Membership shall be available on an annual basis to those individuals or entities active or interested in and/or materially affected by protocol specifications addressing health data acquisition, handling (which includes data interchange), and processing. Health Level Seven (Singapore) does not discriminate in membership based on sex, race, creed, or country of national origin. Membership in Health Level Seven (Singapore) shall not be conditional on membership in any other organization or unreasonably restricted on the basis of technical qualifications or other such requirements.

  • A Student Member is any person currently enrolled full-time in an educational institution registered with the Singapore Ministry of Education and has an expressed interest in health informatics standards. Student members shall have no voting rights nor can they hold office in Health Level Seven (Singapore). Student members are required to submit a copy of their student-card together with the completed application form and payment.

  • An Individual Member is any person who has an expressed interest in health informatics standards. Individual members who are above 21 years of age shall have full voting rights and the right to hold office.

  • A Student Member or an Individual Member may not use, copy or distribute any HL7 material for any purpose other than their personal participation in Health Level Seven (Singapore).

  • A Corporate Benefactor is any corporate or organizational entity with an expressed interest in health informatics standards. Each Corporate Benefactor can nominate up to three (3) representatives, who are above 21 years of age and shall be full-time employees, to Health Level Seven (Singapore) and each of these three representatives shall have full voting rights. Only one representative shall have the right to hold office. Three generic membership IDs will be allocated for the purpose of accessing any Health Level Seven (Singapore) website(s).

  • Corporate Benefactor includes benefits crucial to those who rely on the standard as part of their business plan; the most critical of these being the right to distribute the standard to clients (i.e., as part of technical documentation or proposals) or to distribute the standard within their organization in the Singapore context.

  • An Affiliate Member is any not-for-profit organization with an expressed interest in health informatics standards. Affiliate members have no voting rights.

  • No member shall claim or imply the support of Health Level Seven (Singapore) in any written pamphlet, document or advertisement issued for any purpose without first obtaining the permission of the Committee. A separate HL7 (Singapore) Corporate Benefactor logo will be issued to Corporate Benefactors to use on marketing materials including advertisements, brochures, Web sites and proposals.

  • The Committee shall have the right after giving due notice in writing to expel any member, if it is satisfied that such member's conduct is prejudicial to the interests of Health Level Seven (Singapore), provided that such member shall have a right of appeal to the General Meeting whose decision shall be final.

  • Individual or Student memberships are not transferable. Corporate and Affiliate members can transfer membership to others in their organization.

  • All dues and fees submitted or collected shall become the property of Health Level Seven (Singapore) and be used to fund operations and reserves. All funds and property donated to further the work of Health Level Seven (Singapore) shall become the property of Health Level Seven (Singapore); whenever possible donations will be used for the purpose designated by the donor.

  • Annual subscriptions are on an annual basis and cannot be proportioned according to the month joined. Annual subscriptions are payable in advance within the first month of the year. If a member falls into arrears with his subscription or other dues, he shall be informed immediately by the Treasurer, and his membership along with all rights will be suspended.

  • Corporate and affiliate members sponsorship of an Health Level Seven (Singapore) event may be given preferential rate & presence. Any organization wishing to consider this special sponsorship shall need the explicit approval of the Health Level Seven (Singapore) executive committee.