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Welcome to History With Huston. This site contains resources for students of AP US History(APUSH). On these pages you will find links to comprehensive review material for the APUSH syllabus, practice questions, material related to The American Pageant textbook, and links to some of the best video series covering important aspects or periods of American history.


The Encyclopedia of American History is an unrivalled reference source for any topic you want to do basic research on. It's a print source, but it is available in its entirety from the Internet Archive--even at 5,000+ pages! Highly recommended for further information on important topics--or just for aimless browsing! This is a link to a 160MB PDF file. To use it effectively, you need to download it to your harddrive and open it with Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. It has an unusual organization: it's divided into 10 historical periods, and then alphabetical by topic within each volume. It does contain a comprehensive Index of all entries at the end. But these are not hyperlinks, so you have to scroll to the correct volume and page. Not ideal, I admit. But the quantity and quality of reliable information is superb and justifies some inconvenience. And, it's FREE!

This is a student-written summary of the main facts and ideas of APUSH. Written with a light, humorous touch, many students enjoy its take on U.S. History.


AMSCO is the "US History | Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination" prep book published by AMSCO. Preferred by millions of students and teachers, it is your best source for clear, well-organized content still in print.


These chapter study guides for the AMSCO APUSH book were prepared by Rebecca Richardson who teaches APUSH at the Allen High School in Allen TX, a suburb of Dallas. They are carefully crafted to enhance your understanding of the material.


Robert James, an APUSH teacher at Cathedral High School in LA CA, wrote this collection of Key Concepts based on the CB APUSH course description. Learn all the Key Concepts and their examples, and you are guaranteed a 5 on the exam!


These PDF chapters are taken from a long out-of-print book which I found in a used bookstore several decades ago. It is an unrivaled summary of U.S. History organized in an incredibly effective way. My preferred review book--especially for FRQs.

This spreadsheet contains a list, organized by APUSH Framework periods, of every FRQ(written answer) question ever asked on any CB APUSH test since 1990. While the exact wording of the questions has changed a bit over the last four years, these are the sorts of topics and questions you must be prepared to write essays on.


Historiography means the story of the different and sometimes clashing views of the American past by different historians. These intellectual conflicts are a significant aspect of the APUSH exam.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is a New York organization who offer many educationally related services and resources. They offer some excellent scholarly videos to help students prepare for the APUSH exam.

Digital History is a superb collection of well-organized primary sources on US History.