The Cold War


Over the course of the next six class days, you and your partner will use the web app Sutori to create a series of entries on important events of the Cold War. Use this CODE to enter David Huston's World History class: 62766. Here is a video guide.

Each entry will include the following:

  • a one-paragraph description of the event--including the following: WHEN, what, who, where, how, why, and "so what" aspects of the event. Pay particular attention to HOW this event affected the relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.
  • Be sure to put the DATE in the FIRST line. Place your event in the correct period.
  • a graphic depicting an important aspect of the event
  • a geographic reference to WHERE the event took place
  • ALL your events are to be entered and edited by Tuesday evening at Midnight, February 27.
  • Each team must write a total of SIX multiple-choice questions based on ANY of the events it has been assigned. Use the Multiple Choice Tool in Sutori to create your question. Indicate the correct answer. Upload these to the Google form below. These will be used to create a class quiz. DUE DATE: Tuesday February 27. Midnight.

You will find the events assigned to you on the Table listed below.

Cold War Project Assignments

Cold War Resources

COLD WAR is a comprehensive series of documentaries produced by BBC about the entire history of the Cold War from 1944-1990. You will find excellent information on these videos.

The Century: America's Time - 1946-1952: Best Years portrays many of the domestic aspects of the Cold War after 1945.

The People's Century: 1945 Fallout portrays the impact of the atomic bomb on world history.

The People's Century: Brave New World portrays the ideologies behind the Cold War.

Superb documentary on McCarthy and his career as an anti-communist.David Halberstam's The Fifties: "The Fear and the Dream"

Joseph McCarthy is a close-up documentary of his life and career.

Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: McCarthyism: Past, Present, Future is a conversation between a sympathetic student and a firm critic of McCarthy.

Edward R. Murrow: "A Report on Senator Joseph R. McCarthy" is the famous TV program on CBS news with journalist Edward R. Murrow. This is a primary source.

The Big Lie - US Army Anti-Communist 1950s Propaganda is a typical example of 1950's anti-communist propaganda.

When the Communists Take Over America!...Famous 1957 Anti-Communist Movie

"The Truth About Communism" documentary narrated by Ronald Reagan, 1962