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Scotch Pine

Sells for about $8.50-$11.25 per foot, they have been one of the most common Christmas trees in Iowa. Fast growing with medium length needles and sturdy branches. Sometimes the trunks don't always grow straight. They have good needle retention.  

White Pine

This pine sells for about $8.50-$10.00/foot. They are native to the upper midwest. They have long soft needles with good needle retention, and are fast growing. The branches are fairly flexible so they are best suited for lighter weight ornaments. The trunks tend to be straight.  

Fraser Fir

These sell for $12.00-15.50/foot.  We are not able to grow these trees on our farm, but since they are so popular we bring in some freshly-cut Frasers from 7-11 feet tall.  The taller the tree, the higher the price per foot.  Frasers have short, soft dark green needles with a lighter colored underside.  With sturdy branches, they have probably the best needle retention of all the species,  and have straight trunks and a very pleasant aroma.

Balsam Fir

Balsam Firs are known as the "classic Christmas tree", with dark green soft needles and a great aroma, with very good needle retention.  We do not grow these here, but for the second year we're bringing in some as freshly cut trees from northern Minnesota.  We won't  have many, but are offering them from 7-12 ft tall for about $9.65-12.50/foot  Take a look!

Canaan Fir

They sell for about $10.00-$15.00/foot. We will have a few Canaans taller than 10 feet. They are similar in appearance to the Fraser Fir. Short, soft needles with a slight silver cast on the bottom of the needles. They are slow growing and have a natural shape and excellent needle retention. They also have a pleasant aroma.  

Concolor Fir

They sell for about $9.50-$11.90/foot and are usually offered as an ornamental transplant but are very desirable as a Christmas tree as well. Medium length, curved blue-green colored needles, medium soft, slow growing branches that are fairly sturdy and good needle retention. They also have a very pleasant citrus-like aroma when they are cut. They need little pruning or shaping since they have a natural shape.

Douglas Fir

They sell for about $9.50-$11.90/foot. They are slow growing, soft needles and dense wood. They also tend to have a natural shape, the branches are medium strength and tend to grow more upright and have a very pleasant, unique aroma.

Korean Fir

They sell for $9.50-$11.90/foot.  We don’t have many of these trees because they are hard to grow. They have a very distinctive needle, with dark green tops and a nearly white underside of the needles, making them a very attractive tree.  Branches are very sturdy, and the trees have very good needle retention. 

White Spruce

Sell for about $8.50-9.50/ft.  We have some that are just approaching Christmas Tree size.  These trees have short, medium-stiff blue-green needles, with a very natural shape.  Branches are more upright and have medium strength for ornaments.  The spruce species have a different aroma, and don't have as good of needle retention as the pines and firs, so we advise to not cut these until the first week of December, and keep them well-watered.