* The background photo was taken during MT

Year 2021

Ground Penetration Radar scan on concrete block

Year 2020

COVID 19 prevents all the field trip I planned during 2020

Year 2019

Field trip to tunneling site (with undergraduate students)

Photo at the tunnel face (hard rock)

I emceed International workshop with UWA

I'm very glad to see Prof. Stokoe again in 2019

SAGEEP2019 (Portland, USA)

Taegeon Lee is presenting "Numerical study on sinkhole stability induced by rainfall" at SAGEEP 2019

There were many physicists attending this conference, and many of them were very interested in Korean urban sinkholes

Field Trip to Subway Construction Site (Sinlim line)

This site is quite interesting as the tunnel crown was grouting-reinforced from the ground level.

He was pounding shotcretes off at the tunnel face to show the effectiveness of ground-level grouting

Year 2018

With Dr. Dar Hao Chen, Co-Chair of GeoChina 2018


Prof. Hadi Khabbaz and I edited a conference book and chaired a session together

Sabbatical year at UCF

Prof. Nam helped me to invite my two graduate students (Taegeon Lee & Dongwhi Kim) to his lab for several months

Dongwhi's Defense

Dongwhi Kim defended his master degree at UCF. We invited Prof. Taesik Kim in South Korea to on-line defense.

Mr. Bae visit to Orlando

My graduate student (Mr. Bae) visited Orland with his family and had a lab gathering

Geotech Seminar at UCF

Taegeon has a chance to throw a seminar at geotech lab of UCF. See if his mustache looks good on him

Dongwhi Kim names him as Steve for international colleagues

Sinkhole Conference 2018

I Joined Prof. Nam's lab for lunch

Differential settlement of grain elevator was found on the way to the airport

Year 2017

Field trip to offshore wind farm (West-Southern Sea)

In a boat to the offshore site

With the Construction Superintendent (PM)

19th ICSMGE (with Prof. Jung and Prof. Choo)

Visit of Prof. Stokoe (UT at Austin)

Festival 2017

Lab gathering during spring festival 2017. Normally my lab visits at the first day

IGM 2017

Taegeon Lee presented numerical study results at IGM

Year 2016

GeoChina 2016

Unfortunately, I hardly have photo taken during my presentation. I presented research topics on offshore foundation.

With Dr. Myungjae Lee, me, Prof. Nam, Mr. Taegeon Lee

Shandong Hotel (in Shandong University), China

Field trip to Jack-up Barge

Energy Plant TC field trip (Korean Geotechnical Society) to jack-up barge build

Singapore Subway

Consulting job on waterproofing of underground structures. Due to strict regulation for waterproofing in Singapore, domestic companies had to pay extra cost for repair

Seoul Metro No. 9

Subway station under construction

Field trip to TBM site

The shield TBM was advancing underwater from Jinhae to Geojae

Shield TBM

Year 2015


Kenju Kim is presenting

ISOPE 2015

One of the few photos of my presentation

Joint Seminar for Graduate Students

Participants: graduate students of Incheon, Kyunghee, Hongik University & KICT had chances to share their accomplishments. Dr. Lee is presenting

Year 2014

Field trip to CGS grouting site

with the support by Dr. Jung (Denver Korea)

2014 Festival

One of my favorite school pictures. I love watching how my students work together and help each other during 3 days of the festival

Visit to HUST

Thanks to the support by BK21 Plus, graduate students of my lab and others visited Harbin University of Science and Technology.

Keunju Kim was presenting his research at Harbin University of Science and Technology

GeoShanghai 2014

My lab received the best poster award

On the way to Korean Provisional Government office during the Japanese colonial rule

Visit to Kwater (2012)

Dr. Shin, lab alumni, guided us for lab-tour