"I felt like a stranger when I was homeless."

Stigma Knows No Bounds

Anna Pruitt, 33Program Evaluator Part of Housing First since Nov. 2014
Taken in Santiago, Chile

No This; No That. Don’t Do This; Don’t Do That.

Richard Hodge, 67Program ParticipantPart of Housing First since Dec. 2015
“Don’t sit here? So give me a place to sit.”

Free Acupuncture

Anna Pruitt, 33Program EvaluatorPart of Housing First since Nov. 2014

“What do you think it means for people who are without homes to come along to experience something like that?”

“They don’t have to explain anything to them. They already know.”

“That they are not wanted?”

“Right. ‘Get out of here.’ Make it as uncomfortable as they can so that [people experiencing homelessness] won’t come back.”

Forced Relocations

Jung-Sook (Mona) Kim, 37Program ParticipantPart of Housing First since Aug. 2015

“I think they are trying to combat the homeless population, but it’s not going to make them go away.It’s going to make things worse.”

“I think it’s frustration. They are just frustrated. They don’t know what else to do.”