Photovoice 2.0

In December 2017, the Housing First Photovoice group received a Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) Community Mini-Grant to conduct a follow-up study exploring the daily lived experiences of HF clients. The study took place August—November of 2018 and included 22 individuals: 15 clients, 4 staff members, and 3 evaluators. Of the 15 clients, 80% had participated in the 2016 study and had been housed for an average of 3.4 years as of December 2018. In December 2018, photos from the study were featured at the UHM Hamilton Library.

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Past Homes

"Could you live here?"

Present Homes

"It's not just a place. It's the place."

My Community

"Expanding your horizons"


"I love everybody."


"I'm a bird because I can fly away."

Everyday Struggles

"Not the end of the story"


"I felt like a stranger when I was homeless."

Projects, Goals, &Hobbies

"Beautify and save some lives"