How we keep the law

Safeguarding Statement: Parishes of Henham, Elsenham & Ugley

The Parochial Church Councils for Henham, Elsenham and Ugley take their responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and adults at risk (a.k.a. ‘vulnerable adults’) within their Parishes very seriously. The Incumbent, together with the PCCs, is responsible for ensuring the diocesan safeguarding policy and procedures are implemented.

This Safeguarding Statement applies to all who make up the church "workforce" which includes all clergy (licenced by and those with permission to officiate from the Bishop) those, paid or unpaid, who hold positions of responsibility in the parishes of HEU and work with children or vulnerable adults.

We are committed to:

  • The safer recruitment and training of all those seeking to work with children and adults at risk within HEU.

  • The establishing of safe, caring communities which provide a loving environment where victims of abuse can report or disclose abuse and where they can find support and best practice that contributes to the prevention of abuse.

  • Playing our part in the development of a safeguarding culture.


The Parishes of Henham, Elsenham and Ugley have adopted the Diocese of Chelmsford Safeguarding Policy. A copy of this policy is obtainable on the Diocese of Chelmsford website and can be accessed using this link

A Parish Safeguarding Representative has been appointed by the PCC’s for Henham, Elsenham and Ugley, that person is:

Mrs Vanessa Gibbons:

Statement of Commitment

The PCC’s will work together to develop a safeguarding culture and to this end will:

  • Carefully select, support and train all those with any responsibility within the Church, in line with the principles of Safer Recruitment, for work with children and adults at risk,

  • Respond without delay when notified that any adult, child or young person may have been harmed and cooperating with the police and local authority in any investigation,

  • Create an environment where there is awareness and vigilance about the signs, symptoms and impacts of abuse,

  • Enable and encourage all concerns or allegations to be raised in order to protect children and adults from harm,

  • Ensure all those who work or volunteer on behalf of the church with children and adults achieve the standards required by this policy,

  • Hold to account those in the church community who disregard the safety and well-being of children and adults.