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This school year has been as hectic and stressful as either of us have ever experienced. There are times we don't feel like we'll make it to the end of this year, much less be able to continue in education after. Keeping up with our website is one extra thing thing to squeeze in time for, and we've done it less often since school started than we'd like. However, we want this to be a place that others can find valuable resources for the classroom and remind others that we are not alone in our struggles as educators. Please look around for the latest updates and check out our blog for some insight. Thank you for visiting.

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Kevin created this informative film to trace the history of movie special effects in his Digital Arts and Media class.

You can find a pdf of the transcript and two crossword puzzles to complete using what you've learned in the film at

You can also play a review kahoot at

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November 15, 2021: Getting to Teach the Magic of Movies

All my life I have loved movies. I remember going to see Disney Animated Classics at our local theatre as a kid. When I was 10, I earned $20 helping a neighbor with some chores, and the first thing I though to do with the cash was to take my siblings to see "A League of Their Own" at the cineplex. As a teen, I edited video performances of choir concerts that I participated in and even shot a documentary of our senior trip to Winter Park, Colorado. I often daydreamed of working in entertainment as an adolescent because I just wanted to be part of the process.

Fast forward 20 years, and outside of a summer I spent working at Blockbuster Video, I never got a chance to work anywhere near the bright lights of Hollywood. I chose to become a teacher, and although my path has veered from my childhood dream, it has given me the opportunity to dabble in the art of mass media from time to time. I get to teach a high school level Principles of A/V Technology class, and in doing so, I run a weekly TV (YouTube) school broadcast and I get to to teach the art of filmmaking.

Watching clips of classic films and seeing kids discover the directors and performers that inspired me as kid is just as fulfilling as directing big budget blockbusters, and it still allows me to create. I recently found myself in need of an informative video on the history of special effects, and when I couldn't find a suitable one online, I created my own. The video, which I released on our YouTube channel today, is a labor of love that I started researching and creating last school year. I got to show it to my kids for the first time this morning and not only were they were all genuinely impressed, but many were making notes about movies they hadn't seen and wanted to check out during the upcoming holiday breaks.

Now this is only a small part of what we do in my class, but for a fleeting moment over the next week, I will get to teach movies. I get to share my love of the cinema with the next generation of could-be filmmakers, and who knows, I may have the next great director in my class as we speak. Before we finish the school year, I'll get the opportunity to direct my students in different projects, as well as hand the reins over to them and watch as they create short films and newscasts. It may not have the same sparkle as Hollywood, but it's magical to me.

See the History of Special Effects video above or on the Videos Page.

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