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COVID-19 Resource Page: We've created a page to index some of our favorite digital tools, games, and more to use for distance and home learning. It will also be available permanently under the Resources tab.

You can also check out the video series we created called Morning Announcements. We share some fun information and valuable resources for remote learning. We even got our kids involved in the creative process. Please give it a look and share with your friends. You can find more stuff like this on our Videos page and on our YouTube Channel.

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Mrs. Stahlecker sings one of her favorite songs for her students.

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May 6, 2020: Our Teacher Stats

I honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are posting our updated teacher stats here. This is a common social media post, but we added a few things to convey our personal journeys in the classroom.


🍎 Experience: Finishing my 13th year

🍎 1 School- Washington Junior High

🍎 1 District- Conroe ISD

🍎 # of classrooms - 5 (6 considering I currently have 2.)

🍎 Grades taught: 7th and 8th

🍎 Subjects taught: Career Technology (4), Texas(6) and U.S. History(3) TV Broadcasting (1)

🍎 Sports Coached: Football (7), Track (9), Golf (6), Tennis (3)

🍎 Students taught: About 1800...probably over 2000 counting athletes I've coached. That includes 150+ sets of siblings, and at least a dozen sets of twins.

🍎 Pairs of pants split in class: 3

🍎 Names kids have called me: Coach, Coach Stahlecker, Mr. Stahlecker, Mr. StahlAcker, Mr. Starlicker, Mr. Smoke Detector, and and sometimes just Miss.


🍎 Experience: Finishing my 12th year

🍎 3 School- Polk Elem., Huntsville Elem., Oak Ridge Christian Academy, & Parmley Elem.

🍎 3 Districts- Brazosport ISD, Huntsville ISD, and Willis ISD

🍎 # of classrooms - 4

🍎 Grades taught: K-6th, 9th

🍎 Subjects taught: General Music, Music Appreciation, and Art

🍎 Performance Groups Directed: Honor Choir, Orff Ensemble, Talent Shows, Grade Level Musicals

🍎 Students taught: I don't know....Probably over 3000?

🍎 Number of Principals and APs taught under: 15

🍎 Names kids have called me: Ms. Stahlecker, Mrs. Stahlecker, Music Teacher, Ms. Straughter, Ms. Singing Teacher