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The 2020-2021 school year has been one like no other. We are adapting our approach to teaching and our best practices on a continuous basis as the world seems to change around us. The experience of having to prepare digital classrooms was intimidating for many of us a year ago, and we're still learning. That's ok. Remember, you teach kids, not content. So, whatever you do, make them the priority. If you need help or resources, please look around our site. You find several years of blogs, videos, and professional development presentations.

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Mrs. Stahlecker sings one of her favorite songs for her students.

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March 17, 2021: Let's Do Better, Together

For the longest time, American culture has conditioned young men that depression and anxiety are weakness. We can't be manly if we can't choke it down and overcome those things. We all want to be John Wayne, but he's just a myth. Truth is, generations of men have been burying their depression under vices like drinking, gambling, marital infidelity, and more. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that mine is food. We don't need to fight it. We need to normalize talking about it, so we can learn, heal, and grow together, especially if you are a father. We've got to create normal to pass down to our children so they don't suffer the same fates as us.

There are times I feel absolutely broken inside. When I'm really down on myself, I have a bad habit of lashing out at those who are closest to, and most supportive of me. I'm constantly having to remind myself that self doubt and insecurity are the enemy, not my wife and kids. Even when you know you're better than the place you've sunk to, getting better or being better isn't easy. I've asked myself numerous times over the last month "Will I ever not be angry again?" I have hope.

One of my favorite lines from the song "Seize the Day" in the Disney musical, Newsies, is "Courage cannot erase our fear. Courage is when we face our fear." It is more than ok to admit you're not ok, and it takes a lot of courage to speak out and say something. I don't see this as a cry for help. I see it as a call to arms. A brother needs me, and if all I can offer is some encouraging words, then so be it. This is me, tapping you on the chin, telling you to keep your head up. Here's a halftime pep talk for anyone that needs it from your favorite coach.

"You are beautifully and wonderfully made, and a blessing to everyone that knows you. You ain't perfect, but you don't have anything to be ashamed of, and there is nothing to be sorry for. At your ripe old age, you've already built a legacy through your children, and you still have the passion, power, and potential to accomplish so much more in life. You are strong. You are brilliant. And most importantly, you are loved.

When I see you again, I'm going to hug you for 2 seconds longer than you're comfortable with, just so you can take that little extra with you for a rainy day. Until then, if you need anything, especially an understanding set of ears, I'm here for you brother."