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Attention Teachers!

Plan now for your class field trip to Heritage Square Museum! Our ten buildings offer your students a firsthand glimpse into life in the 1800s. School tours are available in the spring and fall by appointment. Tours are typically two hours long and there are picnic tables and indoor tables available for lunch. In small groups, students will be guided through each building on a rotating basis.

Accessibility: Most, but not all of the buildings are handicapped accessible. We will make accommodations for those who need it.

Fees: $3/student. Teachers and chaperoning parents are free.

Contact: For more information and to set up a field trip to Heritage Square, contact Ann Welker at

The Basics:

  • At your convenience, visit the museum before your school tour.

  • Check out the rest of our website for more information.

  • Use information from our website to prepare a mini unit for your students.

  • Organize students into 10 groups to prepare for your tour. Each group will have a guide that will take them to the first building. The groups will move from building to building at the sound of the school bell and will be greeted by a new guide at each building.

  • Share the map of the museum grounds with your chaperones prior to arrival.

  • Prepare students with proper clothing attire for the weather. The buildings are not heated or air conditioned.

  • Restrooms are in the train station and red barn.

  • Check our website for post-visit activities and other enrichment lessons.

Post-Visit Suggestion:

During your visit, have your students come with clipboards and paper to take notes. After your visit, have your students pretend to be reporters and create a classroom newspaper with an article from each student about a particular house or item they saw during the visit. The newspaper can include illustrations of houses and artifacts.

Heritage Square Learning Standards

Getting the Most from Your School Tour:

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Getting the Most from Your School Tour.pdf

Coins Lesson:

This lesson enables students to make inferences about a society based on their attributes.

Click on the documents to view and print the full PDFs.

Coins Lesson Instructions:

Click here or on the PDF to view the document.

Coins Lesson.pdf

Coins Lesson Handout:

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Blank Coins Handout.pdf