Serving The Homeless SINCE 2004

PO Box 240 ~ Nyack, NY 10960 | Information: 845.709.2415


Helping Hands is a front line, volunteer-driven, interfaith-based human rescue organization in Rockland County that finds, engages, and assists people in their time of dire need who are homeless, in need of housing, or food insecure, regardless of their circumstances. 

 Helping Hands provides hot and cold food, clothing, and hygiene supplies & services, and advocates for its constituents by connecting them with providers of housing, medical, mental health, addiction, and immigration services.

 Helping Hands values the establishment of a safe haven, the creation of a kind and caring atmosphere, and the restoration of dignity lost.

 The organization works in consortium with like-minded organizations, local and state governments, houses of worship, and the private sector to solve complex problems for its constituents.


Helping Hands for the Homeless of Rockland is a not-for-profit organization. Since our pioneering efforts to reach out to people living on the streets in Rockland, we have created programs to provide food, shelter, housing and case management services to our homeless neighbors.

 Through our Mobile Outreach we meet the homeless in the streets, encampments, and shelters where they live, providing them with food, clothing, case management, referrals for housing, help with their basic medical needs, and assistance in applying for government assistance programs. 

We have responded to the Covid-19 crisis, by providing the homeless with masks and hand sanitizer, and educating the homeless  also on the effective use of protective equipment and distancing techniques to keep them and our neighbors safe. We also continue to distribute breakfast and a bag lunch for our neighbors in need every weekday at the Church of the Nazarene in Spring Valley.

 Contact our Anna Kobelka, Executive Director at 845-709-2415 for further information.

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