hello, i am sev. 

i am a product designer.


product management

innovation management

ux research

ux architecture

startup consulting



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good design 

is good business.

discovering and designing the new

where do your innovation opportunities lie? which problem are you trying to solve? what are the needs of your user? how can technology and design resolve these challenges?

reviewing / auditing products

how is your product performing in a review of the user experience? how well does it solve problems and how desirable is your product? 

improving products and services

how is your product performing? what is the desired improvement? what is your unique value proposition and how do you compare to competitors in a fast paced market?

startup and business strategy

how can you achieve problem-solution-fit and product-market-fit? how does the road ahead look like and how can you manage it?

project samples 

that i like to show.

berufsberatung.ch (ux architecture)

SBB myway (research, architecture, gamification)

SBB smartway (research, concept)

wohntraumstudie (editorial design, graphic design)

pattern designs (graphic design)

a.i. everything. (illustration, graphic design)

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