Lecture Series Talks

Leipzeig Lectures on Language (psycholinguistics, linguistics)

Gallaudet University, Ph.D. in Educational Neuroscience Distinguished Lecture Series (neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science)

University of British Columbia, Ask a Developmental Psychologist (cognitive development)

Linguistics Flash Mobs (linguistics)

Abralin (Brazilian Linguistics Association) lecture series (linguistics)

C-STAR lecture series (aphasia)

World Wide (general science; there are specific tags for Psychology and Neuroscience)

National Academy of Sciences Sackler Colloquia (general science)

Nijmegen Lectures

Other videos

Julie Hochgesang's youtube channel (sign language linguistics; note that Dr. Hochgesang is Deaf)

Liina Pylkkanen's Cognitive Neuroscience lectures (Dr. Pylkkanen is a neuroscientist with a PhD in Linguistics from MIT)

Bill Vicars youtube channel (for learning ASL; note that Dr. Vicars is Deaf)