Creative Counselling

How would the sessions work?

I work on the base that every individual is different and unique, bringing to therapy a distinctive experience of life. I tailor my sessions to every individual with respect, genuineness and empathy. I create a non-judgmental, open and safe environment, allowing the clients to explore creativity, personal growth and self-development, as well as acknowledging a variety of choices by bringing self-awareness.

In a counselling session ,sometimes it can be difficult to talk directly about difficulties and feelings or sometimes words alone don’t seem to be enough , for example ; to support your words with an image from a post card could give you a different perspective of the situation to convey something more fully and to get behind the words and find the real meaning.

Working in a holistic way, mind, body ,soul ; bringing awareness where you store your feelings in your body might help you to understand the physical signs of your anxiety or stress.

Do I need to have any artistic ability?

No artistic experience or ability is needed.

Being creative is not being an artist, it is to think out of the box , by thinking of seeking for help you are already doing it,

To seek psychological support is a difficult step; I am here to support your journey. I invite you to get in touch and have a free consultation on the phone or by Skype .

Espe Garcia



Mobile: 07938013195