How would the sessions work?

During the period of the crisis, the usual conditions of my Counselling Agreement with clients still apply whilst we are unable to meet face-to-face and are instead meeting only via telephone or video-conferencing platforms.

I work on the base that every individual is different and unique, bringing to therapy a distinctive experience of life. I tailor my sessions to every individual with respect, genuineness and empathy. I create a non-judgemental, open and safe environment, allowing the clients to explore creativity, personal growth and self-development, as well as acknowledging a variety of choices by bringing self-awareness.

Before I agree to work with you in this media we will discuss together whether it is appropriate and helpful for you to have counselling at this time, and if so, how we might approach the sessions. We will review things on a regular basis to check out how things are working for you and to discuss any necessary changes. My aim is to make these sessions as useful as possible whilst also ensuring that the counselling process remains confidential and effective. It is understandable that anxiety levels may be heightened at this time - this is something that that affects everyone in different ways, sometimes unexpectedly.

Do I need to have any artistic ability?

Being creative is not being an artist, it is to think out of the box , by thinking of seeking for help you are already doing it,

To seek psychological support is a difficult step; I am here to support your journey. I invite you to get in touch and have a free consultation on the phone or by Zoom .

Espe Garcia



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